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Today we’ve all seen footage out of Hong Kong showing that they are placing students under arrest and loading them up onto trains just as Nazi Germany did in the 1930s and 1940s. We do not know where these trains are going, but we do know that this particular rail line connects directly to the rest of mainland China. We also know from previous research that there are many empty re-education facilities in Xinjiang perfectly capable of housing young men and women in need of “vocational training”. We request a moment of silence for all of these brave young people who are about to face a test of faith and darkness unlike any other we expect in our lives.


We sincerely hope our intelligence apparatus is keeping a close eye on this travesty of justice. Where are these students being sent? How long will they be detained? What will their families be told? Many of us have questions and grave concerns.

There is an eerie resemblance to Nazi Germany at every step of the way here. The protestors were demonized by police and called “animals” and “cockroaches” because that has been the training methodology for suppression over the last several decades in the CCP educational system. A policy of revisionist history has enabled the CCP to teach its youth hatred over love — and that the Party Principles are the most important thing in the world.

We are here to say — those party principles run counter to our existence and we must mobilize immediately to combat the threats of this evil group and those who would aid and abet them. They do not believe in the concepts of “liberty” or “free agency” and they are nearing powerlessness to be tried, convicted, and ultimately sentenced.

We know from satellite images that the CCP already has death-camps. They also have advanced facial recognition technology (enabled by western technology companies and their leadership) and the ability to track nearly every camera on earth (both stationary cameras and those in our devices) through the use of ‘zero-day’ software and hardware exploits.


What they lack is the ability to silence or kill all of us. Some of us will never stop talking about this because we see how deep the levels of corruption truly go — and how that corruption is losing power wherever we look.

The CCP has the “political will”, as Mr. Bloomberg and others would lead readers to believe, to “get the job done.” This deluded style of thinking is what enabled this type of morally bankrupt behavior to transpire in the first place. Our systems and ways of life are fundamentally incompatible and values misaligned. The CCP value system is based on the exploitation of our narcissism, self-centered thinking, and the idea that in the future there will only be a singular, unitary global superpower with no competition and the ability to freely plunder the rest of the world for its own ends. This cannot be allowed to materialize because it runs counter to our sacred concept of liberty. The game is one of life and death for our very survival, and much of the American public has been slow to mobilize in opposition. Enemies of freedom and liberty have tirelessly worked against us, often trying to confuse us about fundamental concepts like morality and creating false equivalencies for us to hang our hats upon and go back to our daily lives. This subtle influence has become so great that it is no longer possible to hide the truth from our eyes.

We should consider carefully what this hostile power has in store for our people and way of life should we fail to mount a defense to its encroachment on our doorstep.

Today, it means using their advanced military and counterterrorism task forces to encircle and rout ‘enemies’ and ‘separatists’ in Hong Kong who happen to be otherwise peaceful students. Already, its lobby is powerful enough to have funded and enacted legislation on American soil that runs counter to the very values we hold dear.

While our country bickers over the politically correct choice of words, our enemies are busy rounding up students and sending young men and women to detention centers. We hope that when this influence wears off — as we suspect it will soon — that we will see a return to the core values that made this country the melting pot that it once was.

Unfortunately, we have seen this story play out time and time again across all territories where individuals and groups wish to retain their heritage and culture but fall under the allure of the CCP’s centralized control of finances. The CCP’s goal is to ensure that there is only ‘One China’ and nothing else remains in the world. That is their mission. If you are just joining us, this mission is complete and unrelenting ‘World Domination’ by way of subterfuge and influence as detailed in our previous article titled “Unrestricted Warfare.”

We suspect that guerrilla campaigns of hit-and-run violence will escalate far beyond Beijing’s anticipation and before long you will have attacks against Chinese soft targets committed by the families of people that are being destroyed as we speak. This is how a population often gets radicalized in the first place. Urban warfare could continue for years unless the CCP went door to door and arrested the entire population of Hong Kong. As we have explained previously, there are plenty of facilities to house these individuals indefinitely spread across Western China.

The CCP is used to dealing with its population in this way far removed from the prying eyes of western cameras. Imagine what China would have looked like with true democratic reform and peace after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. We must hope our future leaders never allow our society to integrate so deeply with a hostile force like the CCP — and they should have known better in the first place. I suspect in some way that we could have avoided our own destruction.

Ultimately, any decision the protestors make will only serve to enrage the CCP and its base even further. They will simply crack down even harder on dissent in response — using more oppressive tools and more advanced technologies. There were reports that supporters’ attempts to fly drones to resupply the students at PolyU were stopped when the CCP was able to detect and jam them. We fear that as a next step, the CCP will control all internet traffic in the city, block pro-democracy internet connectivity, and establish a surveillance system and repressive regime parallel to that of Urumqi in Xinjiang.

We know this is all true because we now live in the real world. We hope that our government is watching these situations intently.

The lack of media coverage on these topics shows where their loyalty lies. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they are complicit in efforts to undermine both democracy and the rule of law in the United States, and we cannot allow that to happen.

These corrupted individuals are loyal only to their own self-serving ends. They call the children who are being subject to sexual assault and abject brutality rioters and that paints a picture of bias that is as clear as day in my eyes. There has been a substantial amount of cross-pollination between the CCP and mainstream news organizations over the last few decades as we have shown previously. This is of particular importance because these organizations shape and in fact are often responsible for creating our opinions, and as a result, our discourse. These media institutions are responsible for fracturing our society and making civil discourse with our neighbors nearly impossible.

Life for those of us in the United States has remained largely unchanged for the last several years. While our elite slept (perhaps in beds made by our enemies), our enemies have become emboldened to carry out atrocious crimes and

continued to gain strength as we wavered in our commitments to freedom and liberty.

Remember Xinjiang. Remember Tibet. 

Remember Chan Yin Lam. Remember countless others that have been murdered or ‘suicided’ since the start of the Hong Kong protests. Let us hope that what remains of our government will continue to act in the best interests of all people around the world to delicately resolve these painful issues still plaguing us in modern times.

Please support the passage of the HK HRDA immediately before any further pain is inflicted on the good people of Hong Kong.


We hope the people of the world will choose to stand united against this clear repetition of Nazi history.

Author: Halliburton.
Source conformed: GM22, llyzs.
Cover pic: GM44.
Editor: GM09.

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