Miles Guo posted the message on his YouTube channel community on Nov. 18

Dear brothers-in-arms!

The day after tomorrow is November 20, Wang Jian’s death, the first anniversary of the disclosure of the news conference. I will bring you a piece of shocking information, and please prepare your heart for this!

November 20 will be an incredible day, proving once again how dangerous and pathetic all Chinese entrepreneurs are.

No one should miss this press conference!

During the live broadcast, we will receive immediate and direct donations to raise $10 million for all those investigating the case, all of which will be used to help the team on the front line who paid a considerable price to investigate Wang Jian’s death.

If we are unable to raise the entire amount, Miles Guo will raise the rest of the funds and donate it to the investigation team.

Everything is just the beginning!

  • On November 20, we will prove what you did in the end, Tian Ding?
  • On November 20: Ms. Zhou TianTian, please contact us and join our live broadcast on the day after tomorrow, let the truth of Wang Jian’s death come to light! Make you safer!


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Nov. 19, 2019