Hong Kong Police Has A New “King” Appointed By Beijing

Tang Ping-keung has been appointed as the new Police Chief of Hong Kong according to the press. Stephen Lo has stepped down on Monday and finished his 35-year career. He has had no retirement ceremony and no applause. Instead, he has left the escalating violence behind and received zero trust from the public. He has been considered as the worst police chief in Hong Kong history for his handling of 2019 protests.

The “biggest achievement” of former police chief is that he has successfully transformed the Hong Kong Police from the best in the world into the most violent and least disciplined oppressing tool. Back in August 2019, Hong Kong people have signed up the petition on the White House website for “recognizing Hong Kong Police Force ( HKFP) led by Commissioner Stephen LO Wai-Chung as a Terrorist Organization.” This petition has received more than 100,000 signatures in less than two weeks.

By GM 12

New source from Straits times


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