Live Straight Hit:The Whole Process of Being Arrested

When a man and a woman were planning to leave on the top of the flyover outside the Hong Kong Crystal Center, they found that the bridge had been surrounded by a large number of riot police. The man and woman had no way to go and decided to slide down from the top of the bridge and walk under the bridge to be arrested.

At that time, the people under the bridge were very emotional and shouted: “Hey, good luck!” “Left your name first!” The scene also vaguely heard the crying of the public, but the two on the bridge seemed to have no fear, and finally waved goodbye to the people under the bridge. After shouting “Recovery of Hong Kong, the revolution of the times”, he climbed under the bridge and was arrested.

According to the news, the arrested man is Lin Jin, who organized the “Tian Shui Link” in the Tin Shui Wai area. He is one of the candidates for this District Council. The candidates in the same district are the current district board member Zhou Yongqin and the independent candidate Huang Ziyi.



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Nov. 18, 2019