The Farm: Under Siege, PolyU, Tiananmen2019

In order to fully understand the events taking place at PolyU, we must go back to an earlier stage in the protest to understand the state of mind of the CCP and its propaganda department. We must also understand the state of mind of ourselves when seeing this. First, just a few months ago the CCP used CNN and other outlets to tease satellite photos of a military buildup just outside the city. This was just a warning that it was capable of mobilizing troops for rapid deployments in its borders — as if we didn’t know that from responses to unrest in Xinjiang or Tibet over the last several decades. If there’s one skill we can say with certainty that even the incompetent officers of the PLA (source) have already mastered, it’s how to effectively put down unarmed internal rebellions and separatists. This is particularly the case when they dramatically outgun students who have been cut off from supply. The PLA doesn’t need to show any courage or fortitude because its enemies are armed with simple bows and arrows. Then, a bow strikes a cop and it is used as a tool of party propaganda to help drum up support from the mainland and sow disinformation outside of its borders. 

It is unjustifiable for us to care about a single bow attack against a terrorist organization of PLA troops that are using military tactics against students whom they’ve pushed into a corner. Anyone who shares information about a single police officer being wounded by a bow attack has now been successfully brainwashed by the PLA’s campaign of subterfuge, but we know our leaders are smart enough to see through these simple diversionary tactics. It shows weakness on the part of the CCP’s leadership that these stories are being written at all. It shows that they do not possess complete control of our discourse — as we are permitted to respond in kind. 

Think about the level of desperation one must be in to fire a bow at a member of a hostile and foreign army (who is invading and plundering your city) when they are armed with weapons and live ammunition. Let this be a lesson to the good people of Hong Kong — the second amendment is enshrined in our constitution for a reason. I would much prefer to die defending my homeland from foreign enemies than to be shipped off to some distant camp in Xinjiang. 

According to Shawn Zhang on Medium, many of the camps built over the last few years are empty already. We would ask anyone with access to satellite photos and more up to date information to bring them to the public. 

Yesterday, we all saw real videos of PLA soldiers marching around Hong Kong in formation and “volunteering” to clean up bricks left out in protest by our brothers-in-arms. These soldiers left the garrison and took with them brooms, buckets, and other cleaning supplies with which they then used on the streets to clear blocked roads and allow the free passage of people and automobiles. The reason that this made it onto the news in the first place is that — as Miles Guo said — the PLA wanted us to know that things would escalate dramatically for the people of Hong Kong. They were allowing this information to leak in the first place. The reason is that the CCP relies on fear and silence to function. Its core values do not lie in the realm of honesty, but even the CCP must leak information to the press. One wonders what the source of these articles has been. 

The PLA committed to a strategy we can refer to as “laying siege while encircling” its enemy to achieve its goals. It simultaneously cuts off supply lines, shows the protestors and any remaining supporters that there is no escaping the cordon, and as a third goal — it should really scare any observers like us. This level of sophistication in deploying troops and holding streets proves that the PLA is capable of subduing heavily motivated protests quickly and without mercy.

What the CCP has done, over many years, is restricted and controlled our ability to communicate about these issues effectively. They will not be able to prevent videos of prisoners being swept away by train and bus a secret. There have also already been countless deaths unreported — only immortalized in graffiti. It is unclear where our leadership gets their information from — and so we must assume it is likely they are unaware of some of the turmoil facing the students.

We do not have an accurate death toll, and so we must urge our congress to find the truth and assess the damage posed by these threats immediately. 

The CCP represents the largest danger to human civilization the world has ever seen. History will show that this campaign of media ownership and consolidation swayed public opinion so dramatically in this country that over the last few years — we have become unrecognizable if you would believe what you see on TV or in written news. 

Today we hang our heads in shame at the destruction of lives we are all watching. 


As a reminder — we need to ban TikTok immediately. If the federal government is unable to take such basic steps in blocking these harmful spying tools, what chance does it have to combat the grim future of concentration camps and the institutionalization of death for the people of Hong Kong?

Author: Halliburton.
Editor: GM09

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