Miles Guo: The CCP Sins, the World Feels Pain

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama     Seamoon

On July 18, 2020, Miles Guo joined the War Room held by Steve Bannon. During the two-hour interview, he informed the world about the severe flood hazard unfolding in China and how incompetent and indifferent the CCP is treating its people. More importantly, it would be ignorant to think that what is happening in China is not going to affect the whole world.

The CCP’s flood hazards

As the situation in southern part of China is worsening every single day because of the heavy rain and the flood discharge from the Three Gorges Dam, people living in those areas are suffering and dying yet the CCP chooses to turn a blind eye to their pain.

“Despite the opposition from the local population, the CCP forcibly built the Three Gorges Dam. This decision was based on the CCP’s political goals and their crazy and barbaric ideology. They don’t believe in God and they don’t care about the laws of nature. The Three Gorges Dam destroyed the natural ecological balance, the rich local culture and violated the laws of nature. The CCP incorrectly estimated the flood storage capacity of the Three Gorges Dam. In their design, they underestimated the impact of harsh geological conditions and the effect of future severe weather conditions on the Three Gorges Dam.

The Importance of the Yangtze River Area:

  • Supplies almost 65% of China’s agriculture and fisheries.
  • 50% of the GDP comes from this area.
  • 40% of the highly educated Chinese live here.
  • 300 million people live along the Yangtze River. (United States population – 329 million)

Once the Three Gorges Dam collapses, many people downstream will not have enough time to escape and many people will drown. Since 70% of the supply chain and raw materials of the medical and pharmaceutical industries in the United States and other parts of the world are dependant on the Yangtze River area, this time, these critical medical supplies may get impacted severely. The CCP’s ongoing dam flood discharge and the occurrence of major floods in the Yangtze River area have greatly increased the chances of collapse of the Three Gorges Dam. The CCP officials also hinted at this risk. Chinese agriculture will also suffer a huge blow as a result of this flood. The possibility of a food crisis in the second half of the year is extremely high.

In my experience, the CCP’s so-called flood relief response is basically a big lie. Take their flood rescue campaign in 1988 for example: the number of troops publicly claimed as being sent over to help the affected locals was completely inconsistent with the actual number that arrived at the flood scene. Officers of these troops acknowledged to me that they actually knew that this was just a public relations exercise. There is no way for the military to control the flood. From the local functionary in the village, to the central government, not many officials are genuinely concerned and provide real assistance to the affected people.

The CCP has always treated the Chinese people as slaves. They do not care at all if the Chinese people live or die. They have brainwashed the people and make them think that the CCP is their parent. It is the CCP that feeds the people and the people cannot survive without the CCP.

This is why the more people that die from “natural disasters”, the better for the stability of the CCP regime. A trick that the CCP has used to control the obedient Chinese for 70 years.

They always tell the people that it is just a natural disaster, and the loss of life is quite normal. When people starve to death and call for help, and the CCP shows some mercy and helps, the people greatly appreciate the CCP in return. This is the reason why even when the flood damage is so severe, you don’t see a lot of media coverage and news reports. The top officials of the CCP still plan to go to Beidaihe, the CCP’s Camp David, to have their annual conference and vacation. A lot of CCP’s flood rescue photos are fake. My source in Beijing told me that an estimated 500,000 people may have died in this flood already.”

——— Miles Guo

The Flood In China vs. The People In The U.S.

“The disaster in China will eventually affect the United States. Just like this so-called Covid-19 virus, that is actually a biological weapon, secretly developed by the CCP and released into the world. Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the whistleblower that spoke out on Fox News last week has all the evidence to prove this claim. She will show the world the evidence in the near future. This time around, it will be the Three Gorges Dam flood causing shortages of American medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Only by eliminating the CCP, can the United States and the rest of the world regain its security and peace.”

——— Miles Guo

Other facts About the CCP

When the CCP says “Made by China”, it means “Stolen by the CCP”, especially with regard to technological areas.

  • The CCP’s technologies have been stolen en-bloc from the United States. Some high-tech companies in the United States have collaborated with the CCP for their own short-term benefits.
  • The CCP simply does not have its own innovative technology.
  • The CCP has used all kinds of means to deceive and control the Chinese people.
  • The CCP used the WTO to deceive the United States.
  • The CCP used misinformation, bribes and sex to control the American media and Wall Street.
  • The CCP’s funding is provided by Wall Street.

“American politicians, high-tech companies, and Wall Street have been betraying their consciences and the founding spirit of the United States for a long time. After the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th, 1989, they have been working together with the CCP to engage in a Ponzi scheme. They enriched the CCP and themselves and helped further the CCP in its ambition to dominate the world.”

——— Miles Guo

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9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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9 months ago

CCP take away the truth
Miles Guo bring back the truth

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