The most wanted child abuser on Chinese social media

A man was seen beating three young girls in a video with a cloth hanger. He became the most wanted child abuser on the Chinese social media.

The date of the video is unknown.

The video has been shared by many Chinese netizens including celebrities. Some netizens said that they were beaten up by their parents when they were young, an almost commonly accepted practice in China especially among the less educated adults.

After posting the video, a celebrity said on Weibo that many of his fans had similar experiences in their childhood. It is not an uncommon experience according to the replies to his post. Even movie star Chen Qiao’en is still haunted by her memory of physical abuses.

Chen Qiao’en has been so traumatized that any unexpected noice can scare her till today as if her mom is coming to hit her from behind.

Even though the Chinese law prohibits child abuses, children and the less powerful are not protected in a hierarchical society. Some Chinese parents treat their children as their private properties, demanding absolute obedience from their offsprings. It is a two-thousand-year-old tradition dated back to Confucius days.

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