Punishing 90 M Party Members Indiscriminately is Exactly What CCP Wants!

On July 15, The New York Times reported that US is considering a policy that will potentially ban the travelling of all Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and their families to US. The news went viral as soon as it came out and caused an uproar among Chinese communities. There are more than 90 million CCP members worldwide. Assuming most households consist of three family members, 300 million people are potentially affected. The scope of influence of this proposed policy cannot be underestimated.

Should the 90 million party members and their families all be punished? Everyone who has lived in CCP China knows the reasons to join the Party vary, but rarely because of ture belief in communism. Most of the time it is for survival or in hope of a decent life not even for themselves but for their children. Some are motivated by the possibility of promotion and benefits; some are forced; more often than not, innocent students are tricked into the Party by the great ideal of “serving the people wholeheartedly” as the CCP propaganda portaits. Especially for those working in the public institutions, party membership is almost a prerequisite for a position or promotion – in fact, the majority of those who insist in not joining the Party or joining other parties wish to seek the shortcut of filling the quota to promote non-party leaders, and of course they listen to CCP. It is hard for the youngsters who do not have much life experience but do have a strong sense of responsibility to reject the “pride and family honor” realized by the social value of “serving the people”. In CCP China, the party membership is disguised into a symbol of “advanced nature” – only top performers in college have the “opportunity” to be a Party member. Sometimes, college students have to be a CCP member to be more competitive for scholorships or interships, or even for the offer of jobs. Therefore, the vast majority of party members are innocent and kidnapped by the so-called either noble ambitions or practical interests, or a combination of both.

Unlike Americans who can freely choose to join, withdraw or transfer from a Party, it is almost impossible for a CCP member to withdraw once joined. One reason is that the Party’s organizations simply refuse to go through the withdrawal procedures; the second is that the price of withdrawal may be loss of one’s legitimate rights and interests, retirement pay, and to be alienated by family and social network. In the face of such high legal, financial and social costs, must they be foolhardy? As Mr. Miles Guo said in the live video on July 17, 99% of the CCP members are good people. Countless CCP members who are working in the public sectors risked their lives to provide tip-off materials of CCP corruption. They stand firmly with us in the campaign to take down the CCP regime and support the New Federal State of China. Can we punish them and their families due to their involuntary party affiliation? It is unfair and totally absurd. We cannot lose our critical allies: those innocent CCP insiders who play key roles in the fight of terminating CCP, and who dislike and disapprove the malicious system of communism as much as the rest of the free world does, if not more.

The U.S. policies and legislations should target the real enemies associated with CCP regime, the core families and kleptocrats who control the state apparatus, and the “white gloves” or puppets who are directly involved with the core families for wrongdoings. We know that almost all family members of high-ranking CCP officials live overseas. They do not necessarily affiliate with CCP, nor do they have a Chinese passport. At the same time, they are vested interests in the center of power, the top few, or dozens of families, and the masters of 90 million CCP members. Should we ignore the “masters”, but punish the slaves or victims who are oppressed by them merely due to CCP membership on paper? Moreover, after World War II, the Nuremberg trial only tried the political, military, judicial, and economic leaders of Nazi Germany, rather than punishing all Nazi party members. The U.S. must guard against the recovery of McCarthyism. Otherwise, there will be a huge humanitarian disaster for the Chinese people and mankind.

The U.S. and the Western world must stay vigilant for not falling into the trap set by CCP. The CCP is giving dying kicks to the U.S. to persecute all CCP members and their families. CCP would weaponize this policy, if it comes true, to intimidate and trick those innocent members into fighting for CCP until their last breath. This is CCP’s philosophy of “if I am going down, you are going down with me.” These people’s destiny can thus be firmly under the control of the CCP and become a living ticket to make its way to survive even more years. Even if CCP’s governance is falling apart, the vested interests overseas without the CCP official title can still make a comeback only with a different name. Problems will not be solved. It will only be another round of CCP China exercising its dirty dominance over the world haunted by the communist ideology.

The United States should also realize that the reason CCP can be this powerful today is largely due to Wall Street’s investments or feeding, U.S. technology support, and U.S. appeasement. It is imminent to take down CCP, but the sword should not be slanted. The U.S. policy should target towards shutting CCP’s access to the U.S. dollar and technology, sanction of CCP’s financial institutes, and procecution of CCP’s core families as well as associated puppets. Only in these ways can CCP’s lifeline be cut, and the U.S. and the world completely freed from the claws of CCP’s predation.

Reference: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/15/us/politics/china-travel-ban.html

Cover image from: http://www.chinapeace.gov.cn/chinapeace/c100007/2020-07/02/content_12367233.shtml

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9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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愛姐 Aileen
9 months ago

Yes, not only students, but also most of the people are tricked into the Party by the great ideal of “serving the people wholeheartedly” as the CCP propaganda portaits!