HK Police Assaulted, Humiliated and Attempted to Arrest Student Reporter

The Hong Kong Journalists Association and the police had reached an agreement earlier to allow student reporters to leave Polytechnic University (PolyU). On November 18th, a member of the PolyU PressCom was questioned by the police because he was wearing flip-flops. The reporter explained that he had to get changed because the water cannon hit him. The riot police then said that water cannon never aimed at reporters. The reporter stated that there were multiple instances where water cannons hit reporters in the past months. The police later said, “You talk a lot” and then ordered the reporter to squat. When the reporter refused, the police forced him onto the ground and stroke his head with a baton. During this time, the police took away the reporter’s press card and claimed the reporter could then be arrested as he no longer had any valid identification.

Source: PolyU SU Editorial Board

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