China flood cover-up: half a million died; floodgates opened without forewarning

After colossal coverups of the CCP-virus, the Chinese government is now covering up the flood affecting half of the provinces in China. The world is witnessing another mass murder in China.

On one hand, the Chinese government did not notify the downstream residents before the floodgates were opened. On the other hand, the Communist Party is covering up the scale of the flood by minimizing media coverage.

On July 10, a retired Indian Army colonel released satellite images showing the Three Gorges Dam releasing water far earlier than reported and at a much greater rate than announced.

Among many reasons for cover-ups and delayed-warnings, some Chinese citizens said the government does not need to compensate the victims for lives and properties lost if it is classified as natural disasters as opposed to planned divergence of water.

Had the Chinese government forewarned the downstream residents before opening the floodgates, many lives could have been saved. Some flood victims lost all their earthly possessions.

There is no official number of casualties, but the CCP officials said internally that over half a million people were killed by the recent flood as disclosed by Miles Guo at War Room Pandemic Episode 287 on Saturday (at 15:10 minute).

Three hundred million people live in the area along the Yangtze River, where generic drug production many Americans rely on could be affected.

Chinese dissident Miles Guo said that the CCP is in an internal mess due to the external pressures facing worldwide condemnations after Dr. Li-Meng Yan revealed the origin of the CCP-virus. So the CCP is paying no attention to the livelihood of the Chinese people.

CCP media hints forgoing Three Gorges Dam

Many have noticed that CCP media seems to be preparing the public psychologically for an almost imminent failure of the Three Gorges Dam due to the heavy rainfall, which will be unthinkable disaster.

According to CCP media, the Three Gorges reservoir in Central China’s Hubei province has seen the second flood along the Yangtze River in 2020, the largest one arriving at the reservoir so far this year.

At 8 am on Saturday, the inbound flow of water reached 61,000 cubic meters per second while the outbound flow was 33,000 cubic meters per second, with 45 percent of floodwater withheld in the reservoir, according to the China Three Gorges Corporation.

Three lower floodgates of the Three Gorges Dam opened to discharge the floodwater on Saturday morning, with various parameters of the dam at safety levels.

After withholding rounds of floodwaters, the water level of the reservoir has reached 160.17 meters, more than 15 meters higher than the flood limit level.

Floods have also affected many provinces along the Yangtze River.

East China’s Anhui province activated a Level I emergency response for flood control at 6:00 pm Saturday, the highest in a four-tier emergency response system, due to the grim flood situation.

At present, both the main stream of the Yangtze River in Anhui and the Wangjiaba hydrologic station of the Huaihe River have seen water exceeding warning levels.

Anhui is forecast to see two more rounds of heavy rains in the coming days.

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9 months ago



Mr. Guo made an excellent point when talking to Mr. Bannon today. The CCP’s mentality has become, ‘when in battle, if you cannot defeat your opponent make sure to drag them down with you.’   The CCP knows the Three Gorges Dam breach will cause another geo-economic Black Swan event for the global economy that would be 3 to 5 times more destructive than the global economic crash caused by the CCP Virus.   It will destroy global supply chains. It will crash global financial markets causing banks all over the planet to crash. It will cause a global famine… Read more »