The CCP Leveraged 1.4 Billion People against U.S. Sanctions

Author:Justice   Dawn

Editor:   Seamoon

Global Times July 17th – In response to the news that the Trump administration is considering banning travel to the United States by all Chinese Communist Party members and families, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying called it absurd and completely against Chinese and American people’s will.  She said, “should it materialize, it would indicate that US is undoubtedly choosing to stand against 1.4 billion Chinese people.”

Hua Chunying further stated that (US officials) should have learned the leadership of the CCP is the most essential feature of the socialism with Chinese characteristics.  It is under this leadership that the Chinese people have gained independence, freedom and liberty.  Time has proven that the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics not only freed 1.4 billion Chinese people from poverty and backwardness, but also made the Chinese nation major contribution to the progress of humanity.

She stressed, “Any other country, individual or force has no right to deny the choice of the Chinese people. It has been proved to be the correct path by practice, and nothing could stop China from continuing down the same path.”

【 Review 】

The potential travel ban is targeted on the CCP members and their families, especially those kleptocrats with incredible fortune from corruption who had shifted their families and money abroad. It is not against the majority of Chinese people. Those who joined party involuntarily under the CCP government or haven’t conducted crime towards Chinese people would probably have chances to clarify their position and appeal for waiver.

By mixing the concepts of Chinese people with Chinese Community Party, the CCP attempts to kidnap the Chinese people to avoid sanctions towards themselves.  In the above plot the card played by the CCP is the “Chinese People as a Shield”, one of the multiple roles the Chinese people serve for the party. This card is used when the CCP senses any criticism, accusation or danger from the external world.  They redirect the gun to the 1.4 billion people, and at the same time use propaganda to convince the underinformed people to defend the external enemy. Consequently, the card turns into a “Chinese People as a Weapon”. 

People who know the CCP better always find it very difficult to process the information in the statements of Ms. Hua Chunying, the China government spokeswoman, as her seemingly dignified rhetoric is full of lies and fallacies as listed below:

  • The CCP was never a choice of the Chinese people, and it won’t be in the future either. It is an illegitimate government that feed on lies for decades. It promised Chinese people Land Reform, Democracy and Rule of Law, but all they returned to the Chinese people is ruling by barrels of guns.  With our whistleblower movement and the teardown of the Firewall, Chinese citizens will be able to make their informed decisions.
  • The Chinese people had never gained their independence, freedom and liberty under the CCP government. The CCP jails and kills dissidents, crushes region practices, bans freedom of speech, and totally controls law enforcement.  The Chinese people are the victims of the CCP’s dictatorship.
  • The majority of Chinese people have never lived beyond poverty, even though they are extremely industrious and enduring. Large amount of money is whitewashed by the CCP to their own bank accounts and used for international expansion. However, according to China’s Premier Li KeQiang, 600 million people in China are currently in poverty with an average monthly income of 1000 RenMinBi, i.e. US$166. This means almost half of 1.4 billion Chinese population are still in destitution after 70 years of the CCP “leadership”. Therefore Hua Chunying’s statement of the CCP having “lifted 1.4 billion Chinese people out of poverty” is a blatant and shameless lie.

What we can learn from Hua Chunying’s final statement is that it indicated the determination of continuing the CCP’s leadership without any change, which sends out further warning to the world. Should not any actions taken to weed out this authoritarian regime, the world’s 7.8 billion population might be kidnapped as a foreseen future.


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9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago

CCP stands against with 1.4 billion people, CCP stands against with human being, CCP stands with Satan! Take down ccp!