July 18, 2020 Weekly News Brief

1.    COVID-19 (CCP Virus)

1.1 Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: ‘I know how they treat whistleblowers’
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement.
CCP is shredding Dr. Yan’s reputation through massive choreographed cyber-attack. Hope people appreciate the serious personal and professional consequences she is facing. This hero scientist is taking a life-threatening risk to speak the truth and save the entire world from this possibly the most dangerous challenge we face in human history. Let’s laser focus on the real patriot daylighting the truth. Stay the course.

1.2 Scientists from the Wuhan virus lab have ‘defected’ to the West, reveals senior Trump ally Steve Bannon – as FBI gathers evidence that coronavirus pandemic was caused by an accidental leak
Commentary: A group of Chinese patriot scientists risked their lives and escaped from the CCP territory. They are working with western intelligence agencies to unveil the truth and save the world. The evidence is mounting to completely destroy CCP’s coronavirus narratives and reveal CCP’s systematic execution of this ‘pre-meditated murder’ that claimed over half million lives worldwide. Hold your breath.

1.3 Deadly WHO coverup continues with hoax inquiry
Commentary: The Chinese Communist Party’s mate, its tag team player WHO is proceeding with the staged inquiry trip. The investigation will be no doubt conducted in designated places with decorated scenes in China leading to a sanitised report. Guess who is going to proofread that? The CCP.

1.4 Pompeo says China ‘was aware’ of human coronavirus transmission before telling world, WHO was ‘co-opted’
Commentary: Evidence shows that the CCP was well aware of the human to human transmission but deliberately lied to the world with the help of WHO. What does this tell us about the true nature of the CCP, evil regime? Make up your own mind.

2.    Hong Kong

2.1 Hong Kong’s new national security laws reach beyond China

2.2 Trump signs bill holding China accountable for ‘oppressive actions’ in Hong Kong
Commentary: This marks a significant milestone of Whistleblower Movement. Watch its further development as it unfolds next week. But Mr Steven Mnuchin, please catch up with the team and stop day dreaming.

3.    Taiwan

No major development this week but watch this space.

4.    CCP as a Global Threat

4.1 U.S. warns citizens of heightened detention risks in China
Commentary: There is growing number of countries from around the world that start issuing this type of alert to their citizen in relation to detention risk in China. Two reasons are obvious (1) the CCP is criminal regime that is notorious for its “hostage diplomacy” (2) the complete decoupling and WAR against the CCP is looming.

4.2 Where in Britain does China spend its money?
Commentary: This is informative but the right question to ask is where does its money come from? The CCP does not create any wealth, it is the result of 1.4 billion hardworking Chinese people running around the clock. This tax-payers money is spent for the sole interest of the brutal dictator families ruling this country and increasingly wanting to rule the world. These CCP investments in critical infrastructure will render UK physically locked-in and financially hijacked by the CCP. No brainer.

4.3 Chinese fixer targets FIVE Prime Ministers: New evidence of Beijing’s infiltration of British Establishment as it emerges leading figure ‘tasked with grooming foreign elites’ met politicians
Commentary: In summary the CCP has been recruiting “useful idiots” to “groom the elites” through its United Front controlled “friendship organisations” in order to progress its agenda. It has so far worked for everything, everytime, everywhere.

4.4 China announces retaliatory sanctions on US officials over Xinjiang measures
Commentary: This is a joke. And it is quite entertaining to see these CCP bullshits dancing around. CCP’s reaction is pretty much predictable if you apply common rules and values in a reverse way. Backtesting now.

4.5 Germany’s Ties With the CCP
Commentary: It appears that Germany has been ‘balancing’ its values and its interest and focus solely on business interests. It becomes much more sophisticated once you drill down to individuals. Why did Merkel make 12 visits to China during her terms? Who is controlling Deutsche Bank? Why did Former German Vice Chancellor Philipp Roesler join HNA Group? How is Philiopp Roesler related to Wang Qishan? Here are the leaks and dig for answers.

4.6 U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Members
Commentary: Just to make it clear that the sweeping ban is not to poison U.S.-China relations but to destroy Deep State-CCP ties. The vast majority of the CCP members are “forced to comply” and the ban shall be refined to target the top dictators and their families so it will make CCP feel the pain at the highest level. The Chinese people, the innocent victim of the CCP, would be delighted to see this sanction take place and remain effective until the CCP collapses. The New Federal State of China and its citizen will then re-build a new, healthy, constructive, sustainable and trustworthy relationship with America. That day is not far away.

4.7 Barr warns of Chinese efforts to dominate industries, calls out Hollywood, tech giants for caving to pressure
Commentary: Barr signifies the fight against CCP is beyond internal politics and it is now a united national security strategy. The legal grounds have all been established. If you read the signals from the noise, the US is going to nail the CCP challenge on this side of the election. Look forward to the storm.

5.    The New Federal State of China

5.1 What is The New Federal State Of China?
Commentary: Miles Guo says “The New Federal State of China is ready to bring freedom, rule of law and democracy for the 1.4billion Chinese people and move forward with the world.” The New Federal State of China has commenced working with the world to take down the CCP and transforms China.

6.    Military and Intelligent Front

6.1 South China Sea: US ships ready for war as China flexes muscles
Commentary: The message is clear that US and the world is ready for this war and the display of three aircraft carriers demonstrates that they have prepared for the worst. Would the Chinese Community Party and People’s Liberation Army dare to move one step forward? Maybe we should re-frame the question a bit: will there be defectors from within the PLA negotiating a deal with the US? Our position deeming PLA a paper tiger remains.

6.2 US rejects nearly all Chinese claims in South China Sea
Commentary: US official rejection of all CCP’s maritime claim in South China Sea is a critical step to protect this strategic passage for international communities. It lays the legal foundation for US military and its alliance to destroy all CCP’s facilities in the region. The battleground has now been fully set up and the fight is just around the corner. Will NATO join this? Where will Secretary Pompeo be travelling to this coming week?

7.    Religion Front

7.1 Cardinal Zen: We Are Witnessing ‘Murder of the Church in China by Those Who Should Protect’ Her
Commentary: What people think Vatican is hiding in the secret 2018 agreement with CCP? The infiltration of CCP is not only in physical world but also in mental and spiritual space. This is reinforcing the point that there is NO ROOM in this world for an atheistic regime like CCP that not only deprive the freedom to believe in region from its people but also wants to create a mark-up system completely isolated from the rest of the world. They want to create a Chinese version of literally everything including churches.

8.    Finance and Currency and Economic Front

8.1 Trump Aides Weigh Proposals to Undermine Hong Kong’s Dollar Peg
Commentary: This article twisted the narratives giving people the false hope of a possible reduced financial sanction on CCP but nevertheless it admitted the option of removing HK’s access to USD clearing system is on the table. There is no doubt this well-designed financial weapon will hurt US but that is the cost to pay to end this crisis. What is unbelievable is that Miles Guo actually predicted two years ago that HK dollar peg’s demise is not a possibility but an inevitability. Hopefully hammer will drop next week.

9.    Media, Information and Ideology Front

9.1 CCP’s five strategies for a total control of human being
Commentary: On contemporary terms, the Chinese people are enslaved to a handful of demon families in CCP. Miles Guo shows you how the CCP is achieving that by manipulating its 1.4 billion people. Every single scheme/policy is designed to ensure their dictatorship. And now they are exporting that package around the world. You are no longer an outsider, you shall stand up and fight for yourself before it is too late.

9.2 China issues upgraded travel warning for Australia
Commentary: Once again it shows that a bunch of CCP idiots are running the country. The only reason why the vast majority of 1.4 billion hostage still believe CCP’s bullshits and brainwash is because of the Great Fire Wall which is currently built upon US technology. This malicious Wall will soon be torn down with the sink of Huawei and the rise of Starlink.

10.    IP Theft , Espionage and Cyber Security Front

10.1 Rundown of China’s spy agencies
Commentary: It all goes back to the money. When a system is designed purely upon and driven by economics we inevitably create loop holes that the CCP can take advantage of. Its network of espionage and intelligence is deeply rooted in Australia and many other countries, developed by its BGY program and masked by its “friendship” or “cultural” organisation. Here is a list of six to start with. To grow this list, follow the money.

10.2 Huawei 5G kit must be removed from UK by 2027
Commentary: Timely decision by the UK in waking up to the CCP threat. If Huawei Technology couldn’t pass a security assessment in Australia, what grant Huawei a greenlight in other countries must have been the “enabling” people. This is the philosophical foundation for CCP’s BGY program. It is all about exerting “total control” over critical individuals, through which CCP believes can take it anywhere.

10.3 First launch of Chinese Kuaizhou-11 rocket ends in failure
Commentary: Technological sanctions over CCP starts to show some flow-on impacts on Chinese space industry. The rocket technology developed by the CCP is built upon the foundation of accessing to US high end-chips without which we will see more and more such failures. The next one on the list is the Great Fire Wall once the chips stock are running out for Huawei, who is incapable of sorting this “mess” out on its own.

11.    CCP’s Crimes against humanity

11.1 Humanitarian Disaster caused by CCP through reckless discharge of Three Gorge Dam (Part 2)
Commentary: The CCP’s hands are full of blood. Their rise is built upon the enslavement of 1.4 billion and at the cost of polluting the air, water and land and killing millions. The Three Gorge Dam, causing displacement and migration of millions, was built for the family interest of Premier Li Peng who backed the use of force to quell the Tiananmen Square. The history is not going to be erased and each and every one of the families of the totalitarian regime will be tried at Chinese Nuremberg Trials.

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EXCELLENT summary! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated!

9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago

Why has DeutchBank run into solvency issues? Did China help? From
” July 7, 2020… New York State Department of Financial Services fined the Bank $150 million for neglecting to flag numerous questionable transactions,



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