Why doesn’t Malik Peiris come forward to clarify Li-Meng Yan’s allegations?

By: Dogman, Rebecca

Shortly after Li-Meng Yan’s landing in the United States, Dr. Malik Peiris, the director of the P3 laboratory of the University of Hong Kong (short for HKU), retired and returned to Sri Lanka. Dr. Yan accused Malik Peiris of “no action” in the interview with Fox News (link 1).

Li-Meng Yan used to be a virologist at the School of Public Health of HKU. She fled the United States at the end of April and appeared on Fox News on July 10th (link 1). Her laboratory, Influenza Research Center, is “a top laboratory for coronavirus”, and she came to the United States to tell the whole world “the truth about the COVID-19,” she said in the interview.

After receiving a request from her supervisor, Dr. Leo Pong, Dr. Yan began the “secret investigation of what really happened in Mainland China” on December 31. When Dr. Leo Pong was reported with the fact that human-to-human transmission occurred in Mainland China, he told her “don’t talk” and “don’t touch the red line”, and took no action. At the same time, the co-director of the lab, Dr. Malik Peiris also knew about it, but also did nothing.

After Dr. Yan’s interview with Fox News, HKU published a short statement on its website (link 2). “Dr. Yan never conducted any research on human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus at HKU during December 2019 and Janurary 2020,” said HKU in the statement. However, Dr. Yan made it clear in the Fox interview that she was conducting “secret investigation of what really happened in Mainland China”, not “research on human-to-human transmission at HKU” as indicated in the statement. Also, this statement failed to touch on Dr. Yan’s allegations against Dr. Malik Peiris and Dr. Leo Pong. 

Statement from HKU

Surprisingly, according to the LuDe show (link 3), shortly after Li-Meng Yan arrived in the United States, Peiris retired soon after on May 10th and then returned to his home country Sri Lanka. Interesting enough, right prior to Dr. Peiris retirement, he received a “big contract which is worth tens of millions of dollars” from Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam to do research on the isolation of the new coronavirus in Hong Kong, said Lude.

LuDe also said, Peiris runs a secret laboratory inside the P3 lab and even rented a place outside HKU for the storage of viruses. “…there is also a secret hut, which absolutely violates the P3 laboratory (policy), and most people can’t enter… doing human-to-human experiments, this is a bio weapon,” said LuDe. “Malik rented a place outside HKU, one whole floor, full of big freezers, full of viruses,” he continued. 

During the show on of July 16th, LuDe broke the news that Peiris secretly went to Wuhan twice in January (link 4).

While still in Hong Kong, Dr. Yan passed the information of the novel coronavirus to LuDe. As the western world started to touch on this topic, LuDe revealed to the public about the virus outbreak in China and human-to-human transmission on January 19th (link 5).

In addition, after Peiris returned to Sri Lanka, on May 13th, Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping called the President of Sri Lanka (link 6). LuDe indicated in the show of July 16th that Xi actually was bribing the Sri Lankan president. “Xi called the President of Sri Lanka and gave them $200 million,” said LuDe and he added that “it’s all about Malik.”

As the most critical witness, Peiris retired right after Dr. Yan’s fleeing to the United States and signing a huge contract. After his return to Sri Lanka, the Chinese government provided Sri Lanka with 200 million US dollars. In the face of all allegations, there is no single comment from Peiris yet. When we put all these pieces together, Peiris’ behavior seems utterly wired. People can’t help but ask: Is Peiris fleeing because of huge secrets that cannot be made public? After the dialogue between the CCP and Sri Lanka, will Peiris be silenced or even “disappeared”?

The evidence held by Dr. Yan will reveal the truth of the virus to the world. “We don’t have much time,” she told Bill Hemmer in the recent interview with Fox News (link 7). 


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CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !