Miles Guo: Dark Clouds gather over the CCP – their End is near.

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On July 17, 2020, Miles Guo broadcast on GTV again. He spent most of the time answering questions related to series of actions the U.S. will take on the members of the CCP. However, he stated that even though the Whistleblower Movement has no problem with the U.S. government’s scrutinization, it still holds its previous opinion that most of the members of the CCP are victims of the CCP’s kidnapping and people, especially those in China, should learn to love, not to hate. Also, he said that the flood hazard in China is worsening and everyone should take it seriously. At last, Miles Guo could deliver some good news to the Whistleblower Movement. Four staff members from Mr. Bannon’s WarRoom would join and get key positions in President Trump’s presidential campaign team.

Sanctions to be taken on guilty CCP members

The U.S. government has speed up its pace of taking the CCP down and sanctioning those who must be held accountable for their crimes.

“The speech given by the U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, demonstrated that the action to eliminate the CCP has entered the judicial phase. No one will be able to stop this action. No matter who is elected as the next U.S. President, this action is on the U.S. government’s agenda. Don’t have any illusions about this.

This time, the strategic goal of the West is not be limited to only defeat the CCP or Communism, in fact, the fate of the Chinese people will be changed completely in the future. A confidential operations team in the White House is working on imposing U.S. travel bans and visa cancellations for all CCP members. These actions are not only limited to the United States. In future, CCP members will not be able to travel anywhere in the West. For many people in the U.S., the long-term impact will be huge. Regardless of whether they are naturalized, have a Green Card, or got married to an American citizen, if they are members of the CCP, they will have to face future investigation. These will even exceed the level of intensity in searching for Nazis after World War II. This is not going to be a joking matter.

The United States will definitely seize and confiscate the overseas assets of the CCP and its supporters, including those of Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Vice President Wang Qishan. People who are close to and took photos with Mr. Wang will be publicly exposed. This will include Mr. Wang’s illegitimate children, the HNA Group Co. Ltd., the senior executives of Goldman Sachs and Blackstone!

The CCP supporters and cases of fake political asylum in the U.S. will definitely be identified and repatriated. The United States will fully investigate areas with a high concentration of Chinese like Flushing, NYC and other Chinatowns in the U.S. These investigators will be looking into how some of the Chinatown gangsters worked with the CCP to import or smuggle Fentanyl into the United States.”

——— Miles Guo

To understand, not to hate those INNOCENT CCP members

One of the most vicious tricks the CCP plays on the Chinese people is to breed the seeds of hatred in their hearts so that they no longer know who they should love, like their parents, their neighbors, their friends or even their children. As a result, most of the Chinese have trust issues and overly sensitive hearts. If we hope to have a brand-new China, we must teach the Chinese people to love instead of holding hatred towards innocent people, including most of the decent CCP members. 

“We have no problem for the U.S. government to scrutinize the CCP in the U.S., yet we hope they will not target the Chinese people as such. Our Rule of Law Foundation, the Rule of Law Society, and the new Federal State of China will become the communications bridge between the U.S. government and the Chinese people. We will clarify the facts. We will find out whether a person was forced to join the CCP. We will let the U.S. government know that many people who were forced to be a CCP member are actually not harmful to the West, as long as they make a clear declaration and quit the CCP. This is the next item on our agenda.

We still firmly believe that the vast majority of regular CCP members are innocent. The core problem is that these people have been brainwashed and abducted by the CCP system over a long timespan. As a result, the Chinese have lost their ability to judge truth from falsehood and good from evil. The reason that the CCP can continue perpetuating its evil to the Chinese and American people for so many years is because elements of Wall Street, some American hi-tech companies, and some American politicians are working together with the CCP. It is unfair for all of the 90 million CCP members pay the price for this. Many innocent Chinese people have had no choice.

Among the followers of our Whistleblower Movement, there are actually many members of the police and prosecutors. The Chinese must forget hatred against regular innocent CCP members. We must protect the innocent CCP members and their children. Except for those who have committed serious crimes against the people, we shall also protect their innocent children if they are not involved in anything evil. The CCP has no conscience and exhibits the lowest form of human nature. The CCP cannot represent China, nor the Chinese.

——— Miles Guo

In Mainland China

“The flood problem in China is very worrisome, the deteriorating situation at the Three Gorges Dam area is really serious. Once the dam collapses, the people in the downstream areas may have no time to react. The CCP is still lying about their good food harvest and is promising GDP growth. It is really unbelievable!”

——— Miles Guo

Great news for the Whistleblower Movement

“Four staff members from Mr. Bannon’s War Room will join and hold key positions in President Trump’s presidential campaign team. This is very good news for our Whistleblower Movement.”

——— Miles Guo

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CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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