721 Yuen Long Triad Attack: 37 Assailants Arrested, No Sign of Progress since December

On 21 July 2019, mobs in dressed white attacked civilians at Yuen Long MTR Station.

“Hong Kong Connection”, a program produced by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) reassembled snippets of scenes from that night, and uncovered that the mob had already started to assemble earlier in the evening that day.

During the gathering which happened earlier in the evening, plainclothes police officers with their warrant cards patrolled Fung Yan Street North, at place of assembly (known colloquially as “Chicken Place”). Despite doing so, they did not stop gangsters, armed with rods and holding national flags, from gathering.

The Force shared a post on its Facebook page, stating that the Yuen Long Police Station had sent a detail of plainclothes police officers the location where the crowd was gathered. Their deployment and actions depended on the situation on the spot, and further actions could only be executed on after proper risk assessments.

The force said they understood the public’s concerns, and that this case was of importance to them.

They said that the Regional Crime Unit (RCU) of the New Territories North Regional Police Headquarters are “currently on the investigation persistently.”

Based on the information as provided by the force, they have locked up several suspects and arrested 37 people between, from 18 to 61 of age. Seven of them were charged with the participation of riot and conspiring to wound with intent. There are individuals who are also on the police wanted list. They also said that they expect more people to be arrested for this case.

The Police Force also claims that they will continue to maintain a close communication with the Department of Justice (DoJ) and ensure that this case gets investigated thoroughly.

However, based on the information that we ourselves have found, the police announced in Novemver that they had arrested 37 people for participating in the attack on 21 July, and 7 of the suspects were charged in December. This completes the equation for us, and shows us that the number of people arrested and charged has remained the same for nearly eight months.

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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