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The year 2020 is a catastrophe for humankind.

Since the first Covid-19 case was confirmed, the number of confirmed cases in the world has risen from one to more than 13 million, and so far, more than 570,000 confirmed deaths.

The CCP virus has inflicted an unbelievable amount of damage to the global economy. So many people face the sack, so many people lose their jobs, so many people are unable to pay off the mortgage for their property, and so many people cannot afford to raise their children.

The CCP virus has limited people’s freedom. We can’t go to church, we can’t see the people we love, and we can’t hug our friends.

The CCP virus has created hatred among people. Unemployment, loneliness, and isolation have increased suspicion and hostility among us, and prejudice and discrimination against people rose.

The CCP is the embodiment of evil itself and has proven to be even more despicable by blaming the USA for the pandemic and has brazenly asked the United States ten questions on, a CCP brainwashing tool, diverting attention away from themselves and confusing the people.

These questions asked about the CCP are the ten questions pulled from articles, and they were answered based on the national news of the CCP. They are as follows. Links were available in mainland China at the time of publication.

Link to the questions:

Q1. Regarding the restarted avian influenza virus modification experiment last year, why does the US release no more updates?

A1: The bat coronavirus has been successfully isolated and investigated for a long time by the CCP. Why?

Shi Zhengli participated in research on the CCP virus and later published the paper 《A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence》in Nature Medicine, volume 21,1508-1513(2015), on 09 NOV 2015。

The paper 《Molecular characterization and analysis of Zhoushan bat Rotavirus》was published in 2017 by Centre for Disease Control and prevention, Eastern Theatre Command, Medical school, Jiangsu University, and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, People’s Liberation Army.

Bat coronavirus was isolated in 2018 in Wuhan’s P4 laboratory.

It was shown in “News broadcasting room”, 14:00-14:54, CCTV-13, 5th April 2018

The paper on the topic “COVID-19 is related to Zhoushan bat” was published in The Lancet by the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Q2: The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) was previously closed. What is the truth behind?

A2: The P3 laboratory, the first laboratory that submitted the viral genome sequence to Genbank, has been closed for no reason on the day after submission until now. What is the truth?

Q3: The US Department of Health and Human Services ran a scenario last year that was similar to the COVID-19 outbreak. Is this just a coincidence?

A3: On 18th September 2019, 30 days before the military games held in Wuhan, there was an emergency response exercise at the border/customs. They magically predicted the new coronavirus. Is this a coincidence?

Q4.US intelligence officials warned of coronavirus crisis as early as last November. Why the warning was ignored?

A4: Why admonish Li Wenliang on 1st January 2020?

It was known that the disease was infectious; the seafood market was closed on 1st January. They knew of pneumonia but ignored the warnings. Why is it?

Q5: Among the reported influenza deaths in the US, can the US clarify how many cases are actually infected with COVID-19?

A5: Where was patient zero in China? Why was the viral genome sequence changed many times? Why was the Shanghai P3 laboratory closed? (please see Q2) When will they let the international community go to Wuhan to investigate?

Q6: When did the novel coronavirus first appear in the US? Did community transmission of the coronavirus start sooner than it was reported?

A6: Let’s clarify the answer to question 2. CCP closed the seafood market on 1st January; It admonished Dr. Li Wenliang. They knew the disease existed in November/December and had the emergency response exercise in September and magically predicted the disease.

Q7: How did the US get the virus strains so soon to start the first human testing of a vaccine against COVID-19?

A7: Chen Wei, the CCP military officer, tested the vaccine on 29th February. It was so quick and against common scientific sense. How has this been achieved?

By the way, the recombination is explained here:

Q8. Why did the US government keep downplaying the pandemic while its officials privately dumped stocks?

A8: Zhou Xianwang said that they reported it already but were not allowed to announce it to the public, why? Who is covering up the pandemic?

He was even promoted to vice-governor.

Comparing American officials selling stocks to a CCP mayor refusing to talk about the epidemic, which government is covering up?

Q9: Why are US experts not allowed to discuss COVID-19 in public?

A9: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Shame on you.

Q10: What research is being done in the US overseas biological laboratories? Why does the US keep tight-lipped about it?

A10: There are so many laboratories in the world. Let’s discuss the research conducted by the P4 laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). Please answer the question of the research mentioned in question 1. What are Shi Zhengli, Zhou Peng, Wang Yanyi, Guo Deyin and others studying?

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