CCP’s National Security Law for Hong Kong is the worst, most draconian law

Author: Guo Library

Beijing’s National Security Law for Hong Kong is the worst, most draconian law. It even exceeds our worst fears. Every aspect of the CCP’s national security law for Hong Kong is equally concerning. The impact upon people in Hong Kong is going to be most serious.

One thing that is particularly alarming is that the terms are not defined or very vaguely defined. The concepts of secession, subversion, collusion with foreign political entities and terrorism are defined in very broad terms, in a way that the Chinese Communist Party defines them, not in a way that most open societies would.

Another very alarming thing is the extra-territorial application of the law in Article 38. It says that even non-Hong Kongers who are outside Hong Kong can be regarded as breaking this law. Even the entire British Parliament, the European Parliament, the US Congress, the American President, the Secretary of State, the British Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and others can theoretically breach this law. That is ridiculous and obviously can never be enforced.

What is much more dangerous is particularly for ethnically Chinese or Hong Kong people who are foreign citizens, who may be involved in activism in the countries where they are living. If these countries have extradition agreements with China, or individuals travel to countries with extradition arrangements, they could be in dangerous situations. That is deeply concerning.

Then of course the enforcement powers that are granted to police following the implementation of the law are terrible – being able to search people’s homes without warrant, being able to stop people leaving Hong Kong, being able to intrude upon internet communications. These are really terrifying powers.

The whole thing is terrible. These are the highlights and the worse elements of it.

Edited by:【Himalaya Hawk Squad】

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