Miles Guo: The Communist Liberation Army Wore No Disguise And Made Debut On Hong Kong Street This Saturday

Mr. Guo raised the alarm for the PLA’s assault on Hong Kong protesters from late May and repeated the reminder dozens of times throughout, typically on 9 June and 1 September. De facto martial law has begun since the so-called rotation, as large numbers of PLA troops in lorries were seen entering Hong Kong, but none were seen to exit. With a total population just above 30,000, including over 10,000 administrative staff, the Hong Kong police force is not able to deal with the tens to hundreds of thousands of protesters in 18 districts. In fact, the majority of police running in the streets have been PLA and the police in disguise from Guangdong Province .

Hours ago, the PLA came out of the garrison in shorts and T-shirts with barrels to pick up bricks left by protesters.

According to Mr. Guo, what happens next, on occasions such as helping free traffic barriers, would be that the PLA gets beaten, burnt, scolded, knifed, or run over by alleged protesters, that their vehicles are attacked with stones. Anyway, the PLA must be seen to be the victims. Using this as an excuse, the PLA will charge from the garrison.

The goal of the PLA’s assault is to control the district elections on 24 November. By whatever means, be it riot control or manipulating votes counting, the elected are only allowed to be those backed by the CCP. Pro-CCP figures such as Junius Ho would proactively invite the PLA to intervene to repress violence and stop riots before and during the process.

These actions are typical of the CCP’s gangsterism and have remained unchanged for 70 years. Whenever the people exercise their constitutionally vested rights for democracy and demonstration, the CCP will oppress and slaughter them. This shows the evil nature of the regime.

When the PLA came out of the garrison this morning to free road barricades, a chief alleged to the media that such an act was ‘voluntary’. Indeed the PLA’s next priority target would be the media, in particular, local Epoch Times and Apple Daily. The chief’s language gave away the PLA and CCP contempt and hatred of the media. The journalists have shed light on the PLA wrongs such as murder, gang rape, sodomy, which the PLA view as their authorities. The PLA has no idea about human
rights, freedom of the press, and conscience.

This is the evilness of the CCP regime. Whether it is PLA, police or Central Discipline Commission, the staff consider their essential duties are to arrest and torture, or even to kill.

Sadly, Mr. Guo was right to foretell October and November as the most disastrous time for Hong Kong. Now the PLA has come out from undercover and openly upstaged its operation. The curtain is about to open for the worst bloodshed. All those PLA allegedly entering Hong Kong for rotation are ready to charge formally for real.

Guo’s remarks are from the video on YouTube

Translated By Guo Library

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