Dr. Yan said “There is not much time left for humans”is by no means alarmist!

The hero scientist Yan Limeng has broken through many traps, regardless of the persuasion of the people around her and the personal safety of mainland parents, and fled to the free United States. She is not just considering her own safety. She is a high-decibel warning from the perspective of a scientist who understands the inside : “This matter has nothing to do with politics, it is a matter of human life and death!” She finally added: “There is not much time left for humans!”

But do we really think about the weight of her last sentence? Or, really understand the urgency released by this sentence?

That’s right! The United States has unprecedentedly made full efforts to accelerate its pace, and various important departments have expressed their unanimous vows that the Communist Party will be the top priority. The aircraft carrier group has also appeared in the South China Sea. It is “ready” for hot war at any time. …I emphasize “preparation” because all these actions are still not actually implemented.

At the same time, the CCP virus seems to be spreading more strangely: In the early days of Xinjiang, with few cases, three people returning from Beijing suddenly led to the closure of the city; the epidemic swept through Hong Kong again; the newly confirmed diagnosis of Tokyo No. 16 Cases hit new highs; more than 60,000 new cases are added every day in the United States, which has made people feel the end of the world… British scientists have discovered 6 different types of tube viruses, and their toxicity is getting higher and higher! No one knows where to come next, and who is the “stroke”.

The truth behind these phenomena in a short time, it is difficult to find evidence in accordance with the legal procedures of a civilized society, but it is not difficult for anyone to find some clues by comparing the recent events: why the CCP hates the virus Sensitive area? Why is it at a time when the speed of global communist elimination is accelerating? Can we assume that this is the last madness of the CCP and a desperate struggle with human beings?

“There is not much time left for humans!” Because the CCP has not slowed down the destruction of humans for a moment, they are using the time difference provided by Western society “procedural justice” to do their last stubborn resistance!

“There is not much time left for humans!” Since we know that the CCP is the evil master of all mankind, it should not be dealt with by the normal human laws. Their despicable, cruel, and bottomless breakthroughs in human imagination, they are best at different words and deeds, at conspiracy and tricks, and most importantly, for the stability of the regime, no matter how many lives are sacrificed, they are not hesitating.

“There is not much time left for humans!” Have you ran faster than CCP poisoning?

“There is not much time left for humans!” Action, not preparation!

“There is not much time left for humans!” The drone over Beijing should first sacrifice a human head to kill the chicken and monkey!

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9 months ago

Communism is the largest evil in human history. We must strongly joint together and sweep it from every corner of this world.

9 months ago

“There is not much time left for humans .”
Take down the ccp

9 months ago

All kind people should participating in this action of eliminating Chinese Communist Party.



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