U.S. Pastors Who Witnessed Tiananmen Massacre Lead Prayers at Hong Kong Protest Zone

Nov. 16, 2019

Hong Kong – Around at 22:20, MongKok, Reverend Dr. William Devlin, a pastor coming from the US, travels to Hong Kong to support the locals fighting for their freedom. Reverend Patrick Mahoney, also from the US, points out that he has been lobbying the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights Act.

Reverend Dr. William Devlin

The two lead the crowd to kneel and pray for Hong Kong protestors. Reverend Patrick Mahoney (right) states that he had been arrested in China during the Tiananmen massacre in Beijing in 1989.

Photos: Leung Pak-kin (Copyright CC by 4.0 : Pakkin Leung @Rice Post)

Source: Stand News


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