High-altitude US spy drones flying over China

Two high-altitude U.S. military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were spotted by online aircraft watchers flying towards the south of Taiwan and over China on Wednesday, July 15.

The United States has sent a high-altitude spy drone over the South China Sea, days after Washington declared most of Beijing’s claims in the hotly contested waterway were unlawful.

The US Navy MQ-4C Triton – a long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle – was seen flying towards the southeast of Taiwan at about noon on Wednesday, according to the SCS Probing Initiative or SCSPI.

A US P-8A anti-submarine aircraft and a KC-135R aerial refueling aircraft were also seen on Thursday flying southwest of Taiwan over the South China Sea.

Chinese dissident Miles Guo said recently that there would be military actions at the South China Sea including the removal of the Chinese military facilities built on some man-made islands if the CCP would not demolish them voluntarily.

It appears that the drone flew over the Arctic and descended in the South China Sea before heading north above China. But what got the netizens around the world talking is its mind-boggling speed as if it went through a “wormhole”.

The flight route of the US spy drones.

The Chinese Communist Party has never stopped militarizing the islands in the South China Sea despite the non-militarization promises made by the CCP leader to the Obama administration. The CCP calls those islands “unsinkable aircraft carriers”.

A picture of the militarized islands in the South China Sea as of 2016.
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10 months ago

CCP produce fake food, fake money, fake news……