Another “MIRACLE” created by the CCP: A pupil can win a prize without knowing anything

Author: Doco文鼎

Editor: Seamoon

“Analysis of the function of C10orf67 in colorectal cancer is expected to provide new biomarkers and drug targets for the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.” No one can imagine that this is a research report written by a sixth-grade pupil.

On July 13, the winning paper of the National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest named “C10orf67 in the Development and Function of Colorectal Cancer” attracted many attention. The project won the third prize of the 34th National Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest and the first prize of the 34th Yunnan Provincial Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest, the author is a sixth-grade pupil from Panlong Primary School in Kunming City.

In the introduction of the research project, the author mentioned the genome and transcriptome, the mutated gene C10orf67 many times, and talked about the technical terms such as C10orf67, G2/M phase, chemotherapy drug sensitivity, biomarkers and drug targets.

On January 7th and 8th, the author learned about the morbidity and mortality of the tumor and the cause of the disease by collecting information on the Internet. On January 9th, this young author wrote: “The teachers gave me a gene called C10orf67. I searched on the Internet about what is gene.” In fact, genes are taught in junior high school biology classes.

Subsequently, many netizens pointed out that the “Ms. Yang” and “Mr. Chen” mentioned by the author are actually his parents, both of them are employees of the Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. On July 13, the Kunming Institute of Zoology responded, confirming that the author of this paper was the son of a researcher and stated that an investigation team had been established to find out the matter in depth.

If you query the official website staff table of the Kunming Institute of Zoology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, you can find that Ms. Yang is an associate researcher of the Cancer Signal Transduction Discipline Group of the Kunming Institute of Zoology. The main research direction is the study of cell signaling pathway transduction, analysis of tumorigenesis and stem cell function, and screening of new drugs for treating tumors or improving stem cell function. Coincidentally, Ms. Yang was approved in 2016 for a project called “C10orf67 in hypoxic adaptation and the development and function of non-small cell lung cancer”. The title of the pupil’s project is quite same.

【 Review 】

It must be said that it is impossible to publish such an article with the knowledge of pupils. It is more likely that the prizes will be won by the research results of the parents. This is an absolute cheating. The CCP’s fraud and corruption are affecting a new generation of students, keeping them in an unfair and equitable growth environment. If the dream of having a pupil won an academic prize is a total lie, what else is true under the regime of the CCP?


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9 months ago

CCP is flying to hell


And China’s second quarter GDP grew 3.2% year over year.
Believe ZERO information that comes out of China that is originated by the CCP.