Miles Guo: The CCP is reeling from attacks and our actions must continue!

Author: 老姜

Editors: BigMama     Seamoon

On July 15, 2020, Miles Guo discussed the coming disasters in mainland China due to flood hazards, the possible destiny of Hong Kong and the CCP losing the battle – provided that the U.S. is determined to take it down.

Disasters in mainland China and Hong Kong

Miles Guo pointed out that flood hazards in mainland China not only cause deaths but also worsen the food crisis. Both of these are humanitarian disasters created by the CCP. Ruling over mainland China, is not the only goal the CCP is going after. The economy of Hong Kong is collapsing at the same time. The future of Hong Kong is either to be destroyed completely or to be saved by international forces.

“Dear Whistleblower Movement followers, please remember that eliminating the CCP is our core mission and should be the only focus of our efforts. The top leaders of the CCP have been in chaos these past few days. I want to tell you that one can see how unchecked the CCP has become. To date, more than 30 regions in China are suffering from a huge flood disaster. We don’t know how many people have been killed. Think about the post-flood food shortage crisis. A huge humanitarian disaster will unfold.

The Chinese economy and local economy of Hong Kong continue to deteriorate. How long do you think their stock market can last? Next, how much foreign exchange does the CCP have in hand to import strategic goods and keep up all its foreign aid? Can it last? The Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement still continues. Will people give up? No way. In the past, the CCP was so proud of buying off the British, in exchange for access to the Chinese market to boost its economy. They “controlled” this old European country, sent girlfriends to the younger brother of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew, and bribed celebrities. Today, the UK is awakening. The British are standing up and fighting back against the CCP. Britain, the United States, France, Japan, etc. are all joining forces, and they will extend an ultimatum to the CCP and drive the Chinese Navy out of the South China Sea. The United States will send troops to Taiwan for protection.

The West is fully prepared to punish the CCP by taking military, diplomatic, technological, and financial measures. There are only two options for Hong Kong. One is a substantial withdrawal of the Hong Kong elite, and Hong Kong will become a ghost town. Or the naval forces from various countries will cordon off Hong Kong and blockade it.

The joint international joint military force will be stationed in Hong Kong to protect their own citizens’ interests and that of the Hong Kong people. Just like in old times 50 years ago, before the CCP was in Hong Kong. Hong Kong will be rebuilt.”

——— Miles Guo

America is awakening and the final gate is open

The CCP is on its way to lose the battle since the U.S. has finally had enough and has decided to take more serious actions to take it down. With the great contribution of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, the CCP stand no chance to survive this time. 

“If you carefully analyze President Trump’s speech in the Rose Garden yesterday, it strongly suggests that his personal relationship with President Xi is over. As long as the United States is determined to fight against the CCP, the CCP has no chance to win this battle.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s showcase on Fox News set off a wave of blame in world to hold the CCP accountable for releasing the Covid-19 virus (CCP-virus). This major historical event will affect all of mankind. She literally opened the final gate to eliminate the CCP.”

———Miles Guo

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10 months ago

ccp produce ugly things, and destroy beautiful things.
ccp is conflict with human being.

10 months ago

Long Live the New Federal State of China. Long Live Hong Kong.