Once agian, CCP penetrating Hong Kong Education System

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On July 11, Carrie Lam , the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,  spoke at the “Hong Kong Education Summit Forum” that the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law was a turning point for Hong Kong education to return to the right track. She stated that HK should establish an perfect education system compatible with ‘one country, two systems’. And it was also the aspiration of the people of Hong Kong. Carrie Lam had asked the Director of Education of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to formulate a plan to comprehensively carry out education on the Constitution, the Basic Law of of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the National Anthem Regulations and the Hong Kong National Security Law at schools in Hong Kong.

The China Central Television (CCTV ), one mouthpiece of Chinese Communist Party, deemed that Hong Kong’s anti-government forces had used political issues to disrupt the Hong Kong education system for long time, which has caused chaos on and off campus, and affected students deeply. CCTV expressed that lack of positively guided national education is the root cause of a small number of Hong Kong students sliding into the deepness of “black storm” . The opposition had indoctrinated Hong Kong students the “spiritual opium” for long time, attempting to turn the campus into a “breeding ground” of rioters. CCTV also highlighted that News Media of Hong Kong made negative reports to China, misrepresentation of history, and incorrect reports to the government and law enforcement agencies of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. All those negative information were transmitted to Hong Kong students . CCTV commented that it was very urgent to return Hong Kong’s education to the right direction.


The Hong Kong National Security Law has fundamentally overthrown joint Declaration between Chinese government and United Kingdom government on Hong Kong reunification. When the CCP implemented the Hong Kong National Security Law on 1st July,  it actually declared that Hong Kong’s “one country, two systems” was dead . What Carrie Lam claimed education system of Hong Kong based on “one country, two systems” is only suitable for the interests of the Chinese Communist Party now . In addition, the struggle in the past year has demonstrated with facts that people of Hong Kong will definitely reject this education system. 

CCTV has always emphasized that anti-government forces has been instilling ‘spiritual opium’ into students of Hong Kong for a long time. What is the ‘spiritual opium’? It seem to be the democracy and the rule of law, a universal value that is accepted all over the world. But CCP believed this is the “spiritual opium” and the “poison” because it will shake the regime of CCP. Furthermore ,CCTV thinks the students of Hong Kong who protested peacefully as rioters, but the truth is that Hong Kong police used the most brutal methods to suppress the peaceful demonstrations of those young students. From June to December 2019, the Hong Kong police fired a total of 16,000 tear gas to demonstrators. From June 2019 to June 2020, tens of thousands of demonstrators were arrested in Hong Kong, and thousands were missing or died.  Confronting these facts, the police in Hong Kong are obviously rioters.

Changing Hong Kong education system has become new mission for CCP after implementing Hong Kong National Security Law. There is no doubt that the CCP will definitely transplant its brainwashing education system in mainland China to Hong Kong, and through this brainwashing education system, CCP wish that Hong Kong children should be cultivated as little pinks loyal to the CCP. But I believe the conspiracy of CCP will not succeed. The desperate struggle of the young people of Hong Kong in the past year has proved that their bodies are full of genes of democracy and the rule of law, and no external forces can change it. 

The Glory shall be to Hong Kong .

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