Mainland Army Claims to “Clear Roadblocks” in the Streets of HK

November 16, at 5 pm, a group of Chinese People’s Liberation Army ran out of the Kowloon Tong military camp and appeared at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to clear roadblocks.

According to images taken by Radio Television Hong Kong and other local media, one of the men in civilian clothes was questioned by the media, but he refused to give out his rank or name, but sounds like the commander of this PLA team according to his age and behavior.

He claimed to be the Chinese People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong and admitted that there was no invitation from the SAR government!

This officer said they volunteered to come here to clear those roadblocks! And said very clearly that, quote ”everyone is responsible to stop the riots”.

Does it means he did not honour the 14th article of the Hong Kong Common Law at all? Can mainlanders spontaneously come to Hong Kong to do good deeds?


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Nov. 16, 2019