Global Support: Japanese Senator not welcome Xi Jinping to visit Japan

November 15, the “Alliance to Safeguard the Dignity and Interests of Japan” formed by ruling Liberal Democratic Party adopted a resolution to urge the Prime Minister not to invite Xi Jinping to visit Japan in spring 2020 if China continues the political crackdown and suppresses freedom and human rights in Hong Kong.

The Alliance pointed out that the Chinese fishing vessels frequently sail near the Senkaku Islands to insult Japan’s dignity and the recent crackdown of Hong Kong pro-democracy movement violate the universal values in Japan. The Chinese government crackdown on freedom, democracy and rule of law is unacceptable.

The resolution wrote that the Japanese government indicates that the China-Japan Relations has resumed normal. The government also expects Xi to visit Japan next year as scheduled. It is merely a diplomatic expression but it cannot demonstrate the true China-Japan Relations.

Chairperson of the Alliance, Shiaoyama, added that “it will be weird if the government neglects the conflicts in Hong Kong and Senkaku Islands and welcome the visit of President Xi” and they will only welcome Xi if the situation improves.

Source: Apple Daily

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Nov. 16, 2019