Hong Kong: Police are getting more and more brutal with protesters

November 16, police shot a sponge grenade at a reporter at a short distance.

At around 01:21 in Mongkok, an off-air reporter from Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) saw a police officer having a dispute with a reporter from another broadcast station. The police accused the reporter of assault.

The Commercial Radio reporter tried to film the scene but was then shot by the police with a sponge grenade. The grenade hit his backpack and he was unharmed.

According to another reporter, the police officer shot the Commercial Radio reporter within 5 meters.

At around 02:46 in Nathan Road, Mongkok, police demand the press to step back by citing the risk of Molotov cocktails. Reporters indicate that there are only police at the scene.

Police even shout, “Reporters are rioters!” and order the press not to “cause any trouble”.

In the end, police arrest at least two people and suddenly toss a hand-throw tear gas grenade.

Source: https://m.facebook.com/pg/standnewshk/posts/?ref=page_internal&msite_tab_async=1#!/story.php?story_fbid=2622458227839781&id=710476795704610


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Nov. 16, 2019