USMC Lieutenant General Eric M. Smith Speaks at Graduation Ceremony

Lieutenant General Eric M. Smith delivered a speech at the USMC graduation ceremony on July 11. He thanked families who were watching from home for their support. He also expressed appreciation to all the staff for their hard work. He hoped these young men can stick to every discipline they’ve learned from the staff; and in times of war, they will fight in the name of upholding the constitution, and come home in a manner of carrying the shield, not being on one. He is looking forward to serving alongside the young marine officers on the fleet.

When that time comes, you have two options. You’ll go to war on behalf of this nation, in support of that constitution because that’s the only oath you’ll ever swear is to the Constitution…If you think back, think back to the Spartans and that is somewhat who we base our warrior spirit on. When you go, you come back one of two ways. You’re going to come back carrying your shield, or you’re going to come back carried on that shield.

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