Trump signed Hong Kong Autonomy Act; ended U.S. preferential treatment for Hong Kong & his personal relationship with Xi

During President Trump’s press conference on Tuesday, he announced that he signed legislation sanctioning CCP for suppressing freedoms in Hong Kong and an executive order ending U.S. preferential treatment for Hong Kong.

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This means the end of the “friendly relationship” between the leaders of the two countries

When President Trump was asked by a reporter if he had plans to speak with President Xi, President Trump made it clear that he has no such plan.

Reporter: “When was the last time you spoke with President Xi of China? And do you plan to talk to him in the near future?”
President Trump: “No. I haven’t spoken to him in a while. No. I have no plan to speak to him.”

Mr. Miles Guo has mentioned many times in his live broadcasts that President Trump would have to end his personal relationship with Xi Jinping in order for the complete decoupling with the CCP to happen.

As Mr. Guo announced in his Getter: “Today, the relationship between the leaders of the two countries has completely ended.”

It was also said that President Trump had watched Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s interview on Fox News for about ten times. He was very glad about the progress made towards finding the truth of the CCP-virus and taking the CCP accountable.

The end of Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

After the national security law was imposed in Hong Kong, many western countries are ending their extradition treaties with Hong Kong as well as their economic ties with the former British colony.

Without rule of law and the capital from the west, the over-leveraged Hong Kong economy will be in deeper waters.

The US has the option to end the Hong Kong dollar peg to the US dollar to give a fatal blow to the CCP economy.

What’s coming up? Classifying the Chinese Communist Party as a criminal organization

In the speech that just took place, President Trump clearly used the word “Chinese Communist Party” twice when describing Joe Biden’s relationship with the ruling party of China. This is the first time President Trump has used the “Chinese Communist Party” in public, differentiating the CCP from the Chinese people.

It is highly expected that the US might use RICO law to sanction Chinese kleptocrats, so it is essential to classify the Chinese Communist Party as a criminal organization.

In addition to military maneuvers, the global anti-CCP champaign is accelerating in the coming days and weeks

Trump’s administration has completed almost all the required legislations before taking further actions against the CCP.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s appearances on Fox New are part of a series events carefully planned to take down the CCP.

Buckle up!

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CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

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Take down the CCP

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GOD bless you, Trump

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good job!