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This summer, many parts of central China are experiencing heavy rainfall, the second highest since 1961.  The country’s largest river,the Yangtze, keeps climbing to newer records of water level.  17 provinces and autonomous regions were damaged by floods1. WSJ reported, by July 6, more than 320,000 people were forced to fled homes in southern and central China after heavy rains toppled house, flooded roads and damaged a dam2.

If it is true that “father and mother are less dear than our Party” as the CCP forces people to believe, then how DID the CCP deal with the flood to make it more dear than one’s own parents?

Measure OneDead Silence

Those seven powerful members of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China were deadly silent for a month since the beginning of the flood. None of the seven has made any voice nor has any one of them been to the frontline for investigation. Therefore, netizens in China wondered, “Where are the leaders?”

Measure Two:  Blame of Weather Instead of the Three Gorges

China has blamed usual weather conditions for the flooding but also said long-term changes in climate make it more vulnerable.  Should they go deeper for causes behind the vulnerable geographic condition, they would have been targeted for decades of excessive use of nature causing land deterioration.  Regarding the massive and controversial Three Gorges not doing the job it was designed for, multiple CCP mouthpieces unified the message, “Three Gorges has done its best, please don’t blame him”.

By July 12th, the water level in Wuhan has reached 28.73 meters, 1 more meter away from the guaranteed water level, which is a last emergency line indicating danger can happen at any time3.   The water surface of the Yangtze River is significantly higher than the Yanjiang Avenue.

Measure Three: “Count on Someone Else”

A short video was circulated online with a loudspeaker voice giving announcement to those residing in the flood zone: “We expect the peak to rise to 29 meters in the coming two days.  The flood battle will be very grim.  To preserve our lives and assets please quickly move out of the area with portable items.  You are recommended to turn to your families and friends for support.”  A twitter account commented it: “29 meters!  Money has splashed to Africa! Nothing left to buy us tents!  We can only count on relatives and friends!” “First half of 2020 we are forbidden to visit families and friends, while second half we are moving in with them.”

Measure Four: Poses of Rescue

As the “qualified Chinese“, you are obligated to show your full appreciation and support to the party as they have “done their best”. You shall throw away any tiny bit of negative emotions and remain positive.  When you see these CCTV films that PLA soldiers are working overnight to strength the bank under the direction of the CCP, aren’t you touched and guilty about not sacrificing more?  You shall never hold the CCP accountable. 

Measure Five: Ban Complaints to Boost Positive Energy

The CCP media has downplayed reports of this extraordinarily heavy flood and people’s struggles – brief strokes of flood situation, swiftly removal of online pictures and videos of ravaged cities and people in danger, and CCTV “news” reinforced “with positive energy.”  This one below gives you an idea,“We no longer need to stop floods by lives, instead we can play and enjoy good views along the river. We are so thankful for our Water Reservoir Project (the Three Gorges) and great power of China. We DID it!”

People’s struggles are invisible to the CCP.  It cannot hear and does not want to hear people complaints, and even if they did, that’s just another reason to implement more stringent ban on people’s voices. 

Measure Six: If Nothing Works, We Know What to Abandon

Safeguard Wuhan and Abandon Poyang (保武漢!棄鄱陽!) is the recent guideline for flood rescue efforts.  A video spreading online showed hundreds of trucks stretching out a few miles, standing by at command.  Shall uncontrollable situation occur in Wuhan, the entry to Poyang is expected to be exploded to relief the flooding in Wuhan.   These trucks fully loaded with dirt will be used to reinforce the dyke along the banks.  People’s lives and properties are at the disposal of the CCP’s hands, in the glory of “for the country, and for the party”.


1 Epoch Times

2 Wall Street Journal

3 观察网




7,8 twitter account I cited were removed shortly after I started writing of this article

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