Hong Kong Police Brutality Invoked Deadly Violence In Recent Protesting Crackdown

Having the full support from the Central Government of the Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong Police have rampaged the streets and exerted extreme cruelty on the protesters, even with the media around. Those used to be the most disciplined police forces in the world have gone into the complete opposite. Hong Kong city has fallen under the atrocity. The western world and international community must act now to save hundreds of thousand young, innocent freedom-loving lives. Condemning is NEVER working! U.S. Senate must pass the Hong Kong Democracy and Freedom Bill Now! Only the swift sanction on those who are held accountable can stop the mayhem.

Americans! Hong Kong needs your help! Write to your senator. Let them know your care and concern. Two minutes of your time save millions of peoples’ lives.

By GM 12

Posters are made by the Hong Kong protesters!

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