In Response to High Court’s Decision: CUHK Student Union President Believes In Hongkongers’ Will to Fight

Nov. 13, 2019

Hong Kong – After the High court ruled against the bid for an injunction order that bans all police officers from entering CUHK or using crowd-controlling weaponry (for example rubber bullets and tear gas grenades), the Student Union President So Chun Fung, the plaintiff of the case, answered press questions outside the High Court. He said whether if he would make an appeal required further discussions with his lawyers, which includes the Barrister and Legislative Councilor Audrey Yu & Alvin Yeung.

He, however, stressed that no injunction orders didn’t mean an approval of police brutality, and that according to the court ruling, all actions taken by the Hong Kong Police Force will still need to abide by regulations or laws, in particular the Public Order Ordinance.

He expressed his optimism, believing that despite the failure, the fight of Hong Kong people will continue, as the spirit of Hongkongers were linked together in their struggle and their aim, with the goal still firmly being “the achieving of the Five Demands and Disbandment of Police Force”.

When being asked about whether he will be worried that his schoolmates will be subjected to more firepower, he reaffirmed that no excessive force should be tolerated in any circumstances.

Source: Stand News


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