CCP is weaponizing the evacuation of its citizens to use as a pretext for a crackdown?

Footage on Chineses NetEase website and photos on Weibo verified accounts show some mainland Chinese students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong were leaving HK by ferry at around 10 am, November 13, 2019 (Beijing Time). The ship moored by Ma Liu Shui Public Pier across the road next to the university was believed to be authorized by the Hong Kong Liaison Office and supervised by HK Marine Police. 

It has raised severe questions and concerns about what actions the HK and Beijing governments will take after the clashes on November 11. Will there be extended arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings, and torture in police detention? Will this be a threat to all noncitizens residing in the city? Hong Kong calls for urgent international attention and assistance!

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Author: Fan.
Cover Pic: GM44
Support: Halliburton.
Editor: GM09

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