An Invasion: After the Brutality, Police suspect a ‘weapons factory’ in CUHK

After a whole day of clashes in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the police claimed on Wednesday, “We have strong suspicion that the school (Chinese University of Hong Kong) was used as a weapons factory, these necessitate police respond and the use of force, including rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and tear gas for dispersal.”

Till now, as a CCP’s police controlled territory, Hong Kong is facing a serious humanitarian crisis. The police brutalize civilians of all ages indiscriminately. The so-called HK police are holding weapons and trying to control the media so that they can brainwash the ordinary people, and defame whoever against them.

When the CCP reveals its evil criminal mentality in Hong Kong, the world sees their real intentions. And this darkness isn’t intended only in Hong Kong, but also in the western world under the veil of socialist prosperity.

Source: The Guardian

Editor: GM36

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Nov. 13, 2019