The Farm: Liberty under Siege. Glory to Hong Kong

We must all bow our heads in shame at the loss of life being experienced as we speak. Brave youth are prepared to sacrifice themselves for their freedoms and have now done so. Where CNN only seeks to confuse its audience about the nature and purposes of the 5 demands of the Hong Kong people — it characterizes protesters as “lawless rioters” in order to justify their continued oppression. Instead, I see the souls of our freedom-loving brothers and sisters that just want to live their lives free from oppression and tyrannical rule. I hope they know they are not alone and I too will stand strong for my country and value system if that chaos descends further upon my doorstep.

The high technology that the CCP now possesses has become beyond our capacity to understand in its nature. It is advanced, technical, dangerous, and most likely stolen from us. They have weaponized endless amounts of technology that we “openly” shared with them in the spirit of peaceful cooperation through our naive friends in the technology industry, and then have had these very weapons used against us. Our media has been bought and paid for — along with becoming so deluded and controlled that I suspect these individuals actually firmly believe the madness they are speaking about. Hong Kong protestors are not rioters. They are an oppressed people under siege by a militant hostile foreign government.

The complicity in some of these industries comes from the requirement for increased growth from high-pressure investments. Companies are expected to grow in revenue — not necessarily in the margin, profitability, or any other sustainable metric. It is obvious now that this has caused a fire hazard to our very existence, and should the ‘trade war’ suddenly stop and things return to normal, I’d be very hesitant to post here again. It would be time to build a bug out shelter because our two countries are “at war” with one another in different ways. For decades, the CCP’s attacks have gone unanswered and unquestioned.

The brave men and women of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) who are, as we speak, giving their lives in defense of liberty are true Patriots of their country and way of life — and more importantly, are the inspiration for revolutionaries of our time we need. Sadly, the PLA and PAP have been given an order by Beijing to “Storm the Bastille” and end lives in order to take a strategical point of entry in the country.  What flows into this critical building? Data. By capturing this junction, the CCP will be able to monitor and assault the internet all traffic, much in the way they do in the United States. 

After similar, but less well-covered riots in Xinjiang in 2009, after the large-scale bloodletting had ended — PLA troops would frequently go door to door in search of Uighurs who had “been in communication with individuals overseas.” They make this excuse so that they can operate with virtual impunity.  After all, who stands up for these people?  In our last article — we talked about the infectious nature of the ‘culture of silence’ that dominates our discussions. Whose idea was it that we shouldn’t openly talk about these things?  I see the same systems of war employed against my family and friends every day. Make no mistake — these are now national security threats and warrant an unprecedentedly response domestically because the average citizen is demanding impeachment over their technical and philosophical understanding of the world. They want to “get the president out” yet remain silent on issues such as Xinjiang and Tibet — and Hong Kong.

They are blissfully unaware of the bloodshed happening in a state with the global influence of New York City. Many of us have friends from Hong Kong, but it seems few are willing to call it their ‘line in the sand.’ These terms have been co-opted and used against us for too long. I hope the good people of Hong Kong fight bravely and never give up the seat of power that rests in that University. They will lose their ability to think freely and will soon become brainwashed and deluded just like most American citizens have. If we are correct in our assessments, history will be frowning upon those in this country who would try to ease tariff restrictions in order to grow our economy further right now.

This is a struggle between life and death for democracy in general — and our population is watching fake impeachment proceedings that have made no progress in years. The President of the United States IS permitted to take the action he or she needs to get his or her job done and we are to democratically select them in the country.  Boil down what the President says in his messages to supporters — “fake news” .. “delusional left” .. and “China.”  Imagine he had no Twitter platform. It would be at that point that the national guard should be called out, or a state-sponsored TV channel presenting the views of the president openly to the public should go on. I am a sensible person and when I heard Mr. Trump speak of the safeguarding of the rule of law, and the purposes of our three branches of government, I was reminded again that we are in fact in this country, protected from higher powers that we know nothing about.  The scale of the misleadings about Trump in this country has warped the minds of millions of voters that — frankly — need to stay home in the next election, lest they support Mayor Bloomberg in his presidential bid in hopes to satiate their own bloodthirst for impeachment and power. Do not vote if you are going to vote against democracy.

Mr. Bloomberg thinks the “president” of China answers to constituents because he too watches CNN and MSNBC like the rest of his party. This way of thinking has unfortunately metastasized and become a direct threat to democracy, the rule of law, and my very future. Democrats running for office actually support oppression in foreign countries in order to benefit the rich, powerful and unchanging leadership of these countries.

“That’s just the way it is.” This may be the excuse given by Joe Biden to excuse his son from taking on massive (1.5b+) amounts of investment from a company in communist China. What makes him more qualified than I am to raise that astronomical sum of money? Well, if his dad gets elected president, he certainly isn’t going to be persuading him to act on domestic issues of Chinese territorial integrity.  See how easily our own words are used against us? Hong Kong is under active siege by a foreign and Nazi-like military presence. This would be no different than New York or Berlin under siege by foreign government soldiers in order to stop peaceful protestors. The leaders of Texas don’t dare to go against the will of their populations out of mutual respect. I would fear for the “democratically elected” leader’s life that would betray their own countrymen and make it impossible for armed insurrection to bring about a new and less oppressive government.

This is in the true and literal spirit of the Constitution. The population is not informed enough to make decisions on national security, and in fact, has been misled by toxic falsehoods so much that they believe they have formulated their own opinions on these things. For a long time, I have said that this was the case — but now we finally have the truth in front of us. Our government enabled this by passively allowing for the culture of silence to build. It was enabled by silence. It is time to unify as a country and see through these lies that would only serve to tear us apart. CNN wants us to believe we are fractured because CNN is told by its management that we are fractured. If you don’t toe the line — you are fired.  Anderson Cooper may have lost the ability to think critically, but I certainly haven’t and there are many others like me. 

They cannot kill us all, and so we should now openly assess the threat these hostile actors pose to our future generations and our very livelihoods. The CCP sickens and kills our people with drugs, it systematically enforces campaigns of violence against the defenseless minorities in its own borders, and now it is testing its military strategies in Hong Kong. When complete, the book may read “how to seize a city when the city won’t kneel.” This is an unfortunate risk for many in Hong Kong and we believe more will die before long. 

The truth is, the media have been complicit in distracting from and categorically denying the slaughters in front of us — while some say dismissively that “we know China is a threat.” No, it is apparent that the threat has been thus far completely ignored and we have been sustained under attack for decades. The free people of Hong Kong are under attack right now, and the only reference I see on CNN is to “rioters” from the perspective of the emasculated HKPF leadership. We wish good fortune to our friends in Hong Kong and hope they know that this type of desperation is due, hopefully, to crippling economic conditions on the mainland. 

Our electorate has been the subjects to the largest campaign of brainwashing by a foreign government in world history. The scale of this is so immense that we do not believe our readers who hold the belief system of those susceptible have begun to understand the gravity of this brainwashing, so we ask them to research for themselves what happens in Hong Kong so that they can make an informed decision during the next election about which leader they want to choose.  We must remember that China is not a democracy, or we cast shame on ourselves for not remember the legacy of the Tibetans — who have been actively written out of our movies, TV shows, video games, and the public conscious because according to China, Tibet may never have existed at all. That is sad to me. Those interests in our country who have remained silent while this was perpetuated should be held personally accountable for their involvement in the monetary dealings in China so that we can show our friends there that we do truly care about values like fairness and integrity. 

As an expert in this industry, I can tell you the purpose of the attacks on the University in Hong Kong. The CCP wants to monitor the internet traffic of the entire nation, and many brave young Hong Kongers are defending a critical internet exchange junction that, if it should fall, will forever put the internet traffic of the country at risk. Individuals in Xinjiang were arrested under the excuse that they had communicated with people overseas, when it may have just been family calling. This is unfortunate and we hope that the leadership in China emancipates these people from their imprisonment in Nazi concentration camps, where their cultural identity and humanity are stripped away for the benefit of cheap and easy to control cattle labor. These atrocities are inexcusable and no, it is not possible to paint the United States in the same light despite our many shortcomings and our failures. Generally, I think we get along very well for such a diverse place, yet it is a shame that civil discourse has died.  

What is HKIX? HKIX is a neutral and professional layer-two settlement-free Internet exchange point based in Hong Kong for faster and cheaper interconnections among different networks on the Internet. Established in April 1995, Hong Kong Internet eXchange (HKIX) is owned and operated by the Hong Kong Internet eXchange Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Foundation Limited) in collaboration with Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

The CCP has infiltrated all aspects of our left-wing media. That is clear in their coverage of the Hong Kong protests. What else do they lie about? 

We hope for peace but remain ever vigilant from real foreign threats on our lands. The blood of the Patriots who both lived and died in this siege will be remembered forever and their names should be enshrined alongside all those who gave their lives in the American Revolution. These brave young warriors survived at least 2356 canisters of tear gas. We hope they will hold out to see the light. We wonder how our colleges would do today against such evil. We here in the United States better secure the next era of peace for ourselves, or we are doomed to the same fate as Xinjiang. 

Glory to Hong Kong. Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our times. 

Author: Halliburton.

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