Opinion: Help the helpless Hong Kong students.

It’s an opinion from a Hongkonger.

They are willing to sacrifice themselves, but the truth is that no one wants to do it.

If it was possible, anyone would rather go home safely.

The problem is that if they gave up and the resistance comes to an end, it does not mean that there would be no more sacrifices.

It would mean that all Hongkongers will be sacrificed.

When being young is a sin of itself, walking on the streets becomes an unlawful assembly, students are stopped and searched on the way to school.

When playing a song in public gets one arrested, it’s not a question of whether to go to the frontlines or not.

The whole system is corrupted to the bone. There’s no such thing as being worth it or not because there were no choices to be made in the first place.

Help the helpless Hong Kong students.

#stateterrorism #StandwithHongKong #FightforFreedom #SOSHK

Source: first-hand pictures and first-hand words.
Editor: GM02, GM09

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:-) Nov. 13, 2019