CCP Will Be Gone With the CCP Virus


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On Friday afternoon, July 10th, I heard an explosive yet so truthful news when watching Exclusive on Fox News. It reported an interview with Li Meng Yan, a Chinese Virologist fled from Hong Kong recently.

Her first introductory sentence was “I’m Doctor Li-Meng Yan, you can call me Scarlett.” Her affirmative and confident voice touched me and it reminded me “Scarlet”, the strong-willed lead character in “Gone With the Wind”.

Dr. Yan works in the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong. The laboratory she worked is one of the few WHO-reference labs in Asia and the top laboratory for coronavirus research, e.g., SARS virus and the COVID-19, also called the CCP Virus. Dr. Yan received her M.D. degree from Xiang Ya Medical College of Central South University and a PhD degree from Southern Medical University (China). This shiny resume gives her statements great credibility.

Dr. Yan revealed that there have been reported family cluster cases since December in China. In Wuhan on January 18, the City’s Baibuting district was holding annual mass banquet. When I realized the CCP government made no effort to warn its citizens about the deadly virus and it appeared to intentionally let a massive gathering to kill innocent folks, this breaks my heart and makes me wonder the values of those lives lost for coronavirus. A government is supposed to protect its citizens, not to put them in life threatening conditions!

The government under the CCP regime knew about the outbreak but still tried to cover it up and threatened the doctors and researchers not to reveal it or tell the public as early as in December 2019. As Dr. Pan pointed out, due to the delay and cover-ups, we have lost the golden time and many options to stop its outbreak and now the pandemic. The virus has come into every country and every nation to an extent that we can hardly stop it. It has killed over half million people now. “We are now facing a key step to stop the coronavirus, that is to understand where it come from,” Yan said.

This is a vivid example to demonstrate CCP’s dictatorship in supressing its own people. For the CCP and the Chairman Xi, the Chinese people’s lives, health and safety can be sacrificed, exploited and ignored for the purpose of maintaining CCP’s political stability.

I am so proud of Dr. Yan, a young, graceful and brave lady who stands firmly on the scientific ground in seeking and telling the truth, not diverting it into a political issue. As fearless as a lioness, she also gives an image of virtuous and moral excellence in science, and this will encourage many more Chinese scientists to follow her example. I look up to her as a shining figure to put the world at a turning point among this fast spreading pandemic and to awaken the world about CCP’s evilness. A heroic and empathetical lady, she wants the whole world and the humanity to be saved.

In the interview, Dr. Yan sent a grim, serious warning to the world: “Do not judge the character of this virus, just by our previous experience and we do not expect a vaccine at this moment, or some magic solution at this moment. The only thing we can do is to understand where it comes from.”

I believe there are more with her will be exposed soon and then, this will expose CCP’s murkiest, evil secret plan of systematically developing bioweapons to kill and dominate the world.

The Chinses Communist Party is still denying the offer from US’s scientific communities to investigate the origin of virus. Every lost life and every suffered family are targets of the “CCP virus bioweapon” as I should call it.

Scarlett, Chinese Virologist Dr. Yan, her interview came as a bombshell as beauty Scarlett in Gone With the Wind. She shakes the world with her truth and the world wakes in front of her. Everything is just the beginning.

It is time for CCP to be “Gone with the Wind”.

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9 months ago

She must have something CCP is really afraid of, otherwise CCP 
wouldn’t have tried so hard to take her down.

9 months ago

CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
New Federal State of China ! Everything has begun !

9 months ago

CCP is a Terrorist Organization.CCP killed over 100M people in the last 70 years in China.CCP wants to control the world. The first target is Hong Kong, Second is Taiwan, the last one is the USA. Then they watch your money, your mother, your wife, your daughters. Open your eyes n ears, Wake up America! Wake up the world.

9 months ago

CCP virus. Chinese Communist Party made the virus. (Trump 2020)
Takedown CCP.
CNN lies n people died, Dr. Fauci lies people died.CNN lies n people died, Dr. Fauci lies people died. (TRUMP 2020)

9 months ago

CCP lied
CCP destroy our life!
CCP is an evil ghost!
Take down CCP!