The First Time: Chinese Media Followed Up on The Exiled Virologist

The First Time: Chinese Media Followed Up on The Exiled Virologist

Author: 诰佑

The Global Times swiftly responded to the debut of an escaped virologist, Yan Limeng, on the Fox News. They referenced official responses from the University of Hong Kong. Identical publications appeared on major Chinese news outlets. These include Sina, Sohu, Phoenix as well as Tencent. However, the editor could not locate the original print on the Global Times official website.

The unknown author used the title: University of Hong Kong(HKU) addressed claims of China’s pandemic cover-up by a former employee in the U.S…

the Global Times’ Original Post

Many months ago, Fox News orchestrated fake news that the COVID-19 emerged from Wuhan Virology Institute. Its sloppy claim has led to no end. Recently, it made an “astonishing” exclusive” report. It claimed that an “escaped” researcher from Hong Kong University believed China engaged in cover-ups on the pandemic. She further alleged her mentor silenced her. The Fox News dropped massive allegations against China through her narratives. (Meanwhile)Hong Kong University issued a response to this incident.

Yan Limeng is such a former employee of HKU. This person claimed to work for HKU’s renowned virologist Leon Poon. She purported Poon tasked her for an investigation. She then looked into the emerging COVID19 outbreaks in Wuhan between December 2019 and January 2020.

Nonetheless, she asserted that she discovered human-to-human transmission before December 31, 2019. Leon Poon did not value her findings. Few affiliated CDC staff in the mainland warned her that they were silenced. Yan further claimed that she informed Poon of influenza human transmissibility on January 16. She alleged Poon ordered her to stand down as her findings infringed on the Political Red Lines.

Under Yan’s claim, a WHO consultant who collaborated with Poon’s team also did nothing to her “lifesaving” advice.

After that, she addressed the U.S “Presidential Media” Fox News with accusations against China and the WHO. It fitted Trump’s narratives. For example, she argued the WHO was “corrupted,” “they colluded with the Chinese government,” etc..

Moreover, Yan professed she fled to the U.S facing “life-threatening dangers” from the Chinese government. She also mentioned the betrayal of her husband under the “pressure” from the Chinese government.

So far, the HKU official response introduced controversies to Yan’s allegations in her report. For instance, from December 2019 to January 2020. she never engaged in COVID19 human transmissibility research

HKU published both Chinese and English versions of their response on the official website as mentioned below.

(A screenshot of search results returned by Baidu: the dominate search engine observing censorship requirement by the Chinese government)

HKU Official Response

Yan used to work as a postdoctoral researcher at Hong Kong University. She is no longer employed.

Hong Kong University respects the freedom of expression, yet Yan’s personal opinions did not represent HKU.

Hong Kong University has noticed the discrepancies between the (Fox News) report and the essential facts we have gathered. As a matter of truth, Yan’s work was inconsistent with her claims.

Yan did not work on COVID19 human transmissibility research from December 2019 to January 2020.

Hong Kong University further noticed the close resemblance of her remarks to ongoing rumors. They received no scientific support.

Hong Kong University would not address any rumor, and there would be no further comment on this issue.

(Source: Hong Kong University)


The credibility of a report under stringent internet censorship can be limited. Standardized reprints across major news platforms implied the involvement of government authorities. Supporters discovered a twitter handle impersonating Dr. Yan. It’s a common CCP subversion tactic identified by Stanford University. (Click here for more information)

(Source: Twitter)

During her interview, Dr. Yan mentioned that her investigation was an unofficial assignment from Leo Poon. The narrative corresponded with the university’s claim. School records should not substantiate her involvement in official Coronavirus inter-human transmissibility research. Yan concluded human to human transmission based on information shared by her confidants in China’s CDC. As a basic principle, contact tracing served as a crucial factor in determining human to inter-human transmissions. Family connected cases were direct evidence, while experimental results were lacking.

Dr.Yan developed reputable models in the Pathogenesis and Transmission of SARS-Cov-2 in Golden Hamster. Columbia University virologist Vincent Racaniello remarked profoundly for her contributions. It impacted research on transmissibility from recovered COVID patients.

Overall, her academic accomplishment and relevant job experience brought confidence in her allegations. It outweighed the credibility of a known CCP propaganda arm: the Global Times.

(Source: the Lancet)

Facts speak louder than words. Stay tuned for future disclosures on more findings on the COVID-19!

Disclaimer: While the author endeavors to reveal the truth and keep the information accurate, we make no warranties of any kind, express or imply the completeness, accuracy, and reliability concerning the original website, the cited information in the articles, or the related graphics. All views expressed in the “Opinion” section belong to the author and do not represent any organization, committee, or other individuals. Viewers shall practice due precaution when visiting websites affiliated with the CCP.


“香港大學前僱員跑美國稱中國‘隱瞞‘疫情 港大回應.” Sina North America, The Global Times, 12 July 2020,

(A CCP affiliated website)

香港大學就一位前僱員的電視訪問回應傳媒, Hong Kong University, 11 July 2020,

(A website currently under Hong Kong National Security Law censorship)

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