Miles Guo: The CCP has willing helpers in the U.S.


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On July 11, 2020, Miles Guo had another interview with Steve Bannon on War Room. In those two episodes, he once again pointed out that the speed of reaction from U.S. government was too slow and failed the trust of the people in Hong Kong. Plus, he believed that the major media in America and American high-tech companies were helpers of the CCP in covering up the facts in Hong Kong and to build the Great Firewall between the people in mainland China and the world so that they never would have a chance to call for help.

The hesitation and indecision must be stopped.

Miles Guo contended that the hesitation from the U.S. government indulge the CCP to take vicious actions on Hong Kong without fear and to forcibly pass the national security law, which would affect the U.S. and the western world deeply though the public has not realized yet.

If the U.S. government explicitly states its determination to destroy the CCP, opposing forces within the CCP will immediately start to fight each other and the CCP will collapse eventually. The reason why the CCP can hold the Chinese people hostages for 70 years, is because the United States is supporting the CCP directly and indirectly through trade and other deals. This has proved to be a huge mistake in the U.S. national security strategy.

Since there are about 300,000 U.S. citizens in Hong Kong and the U.S. holds a huge investment in Hong Kong shares, the CCP is betting that the U.S. won’t have the guts to take real action against them. When dealing with the world, the U.S. government usually follows international laws and upholds basic morality. The CCP has no bottom line. The CCP dares to use any method to achieve its goal. Based on their past experience, the CCP holds the belief that every American can be bribed with money and sex, it is just a matter of price. Wall Street and the mainstream media have betrayed the Hong Kong freedom fighters.In issues like human rights and freedom in Hong Kong and mainland China, they have been colluding with the CCP for years, to further their own interests. Sensing the hesitation and indecision of the U.S. government, the CCP forcibly passed the so-called Hong Kong National Security Law, as a method to completely suppress the Pro-Democracy Movement of Hong Kong.

The public in the United States and Western countries have not yet realized the impact of the Hong Kong’s National Security Law on them. Firstly, the law allows the CCP to directly take away the autonomy of Hong Kong. Then, all Americans in Hong Kong and their property are henceforth endangered. The CCP can use the Law to directly target Americans in Hong Kong who support the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement and disobey the CCP’s governance with arrest and confiscation of their property. As far as citizens of other countries are concerned, as long as you speak out in any social media to support Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement and express anti-CCP sentiments, they can arrest you in Hong Kong or extradite you from other countries according to this law. An extreme example is the threat last week of the former Hong Kong Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying to arrest President Trump under this law.

——— Miles Guo

Two accomplices of the CCP

The mainstream media in America and some high-tech companies have been in collusion with the CCP, fueling its totalitarianism.

When the CCP prepared to pass the so-called Hong Kong National Security Law this June, Hong Kong people were waiting for the response from the West. They particularly hoped to see the response from the United States, hoping that President Trump would come to rescue them. As they waited every week, they finally assessed that the chances were only about 25%, of President Trump taking real action. In the past, they believed in the United States and President Trump. As a result, Hong Kong’s National Security Law was passed. Wall Street, the mainstream media and U.S. high-tech companies have betrayed Hong Kong. The U.S. government’s response was too slow and too weak and this allowed the CCP to go its own way.

American Hi-tech companies such as Cisco, have used its technology to help the CCP build the famous Great Firewall of China. Within the firewall, the CCP can conceal the truth of the pandemic from the Chinese people and the truth of the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement. Since last July, more than 10,000 Hong Kong Freedom Fighters and innocent people have been killed by the CCP, under the guise of so-called “suicide”. Many young ladies even high school girls have been raped by the Hong Kong secret police force. A girl I rescued who had escaped from Hong Kong was gang raped by 21 Hong Kong policemen. When the time comes, she will stand up to testify. We all have children. Who can tolerate this kind of crime committed by the Hong Kong police? Only by taking down the Great Firewall of the CCP, can the world know the truth of the pandemic, the truth about Hong Kong, and the truth about the CCP.”

——— Miles Guo

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CCP lied,USA people died.Take down CCP !
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