The Farm: In Defense of Hong Kong and In Defense of Liberty

Hello. This is Halliburton. Thanks for the continued support. I would urge that friends and allies of peace in Congress who read this share it in the interests of national security with their colleagues across the aisle in hopes that they will bind together to fight the oppression of the CCP. We should attempt to oust elements of our institutions that may have become corrupted by the outsized influence of hostile money and influence, but with caution, peace, and objectivity in mind. 

Please pause for a moment to recall that innocent children continue to be raped and gunned down in Hong Kong today. There are paramilitary outfits (think Nazi Germany’s SS) run by either the PLA or PAP roaming around Hong Kong freely raping and killing indiscriminately as a tool of oppression. The United States needs to pass the HK HRDA immediately. Thank you to our bipartisan leaders who have stood side by side in putting forth this historic rebuke of the CCP’s oppression. It is inspiring to see our Congress acting on current events as they happen — rather than retroactively classifying the wholesale slaughter of civilians as a war crime — they are choosing to actively take a stand against this evil as it happens in real-time. 

To start, today I’d like to mention a national security issue — the mobile app TikTok is a CCP sponsored spy tool. Nazi’s disguised a family-friendly mobile app and it now has persistent access to you and your children’s microphones, camera, and real-time data sources because we have willingly provided them to our Nazi colleagues. If this country is unable to bind together to quickly fight the simple threats posed by TikTok, then we are in deep trouble. 

At a minimum, federal and state officials and their families must be immediately barred from installing this application and Apple should deeply investigate the use/misappropriation of any customer data from ByteDance — a company supported by Nazi’s built, most likely, to keep an eye on 100,000,000+ million Americans simultaneously. A camera and microphone in every room in America. If the scale of that type of industrial espionage doesn’t scare you — you should continue to study history until it does. 

By signing into law requirements that protect the interests of Americans data alongside strong enforcement mechanisms for violating those requirements — much like a more comprehensive GDPR policy— we can start to regain some of the trust we have all lost in our institutions. 

I know we are covering a wide range of topics here but please remember people who are reading and internalizing this information for the first time will probably need a long time to digest and heal.

Today we thank all of our 战友(Zhan You, friends following Miles Guo fighting for freedom) for keeping the team on track to continue this effort. Special thank you to my VOG friend from mainland China for his work. He is an unsung hero.

Today, as always, we should remain vigilant, resolute, and steadfast in our robust defense of liberty and freedom. After all, our great and powerful nation has survived, our country is still, despite best efforts, a stronghold for the rule of law. I’ve recently learned that starting in 2011, members of the House recite the text of the Constitution on the floor every few years.

I believe that now more than ever, our schoolteachers should be dedicating time to teaching the founding texts of the country to our children. Perhaps we all may need to renew our vows to country and duty — as it seems some of us have lost our way. It is not sufficient to show up at the voting booth and vote your party line anymore — and it finally does matter who is elected President. As we have explained, through the lenses of revisionist history and diversion, our country has had its ability to conduct civil discourse eliminated. This has been an unprecedented, coordinated, and sustained multiple fronts and multiyear cyber assault on our nation’s ability to critically think. I may not agree with all of the presidents policy, and in fact in some cases I strongly disagree, but by taking apart the policies and their impacts over the past few years, it is possible to conclude that many of Trump’s policies have been effective — and some will have a dramatic impact on the world over the next century.

We are hopeful, here on The Farm, that we will see in our lifetimes the greatest single “emancipation event” of human history — and we want everyone to be certain they know what they are seeing because they have been lied to in such egregious ways for decades. The CCP will collapse before 2020 June 4th (quote Miles) as its stranglehold can only extend so far.

And perhaps requiring basic knowledge of the law in order to receive government benefits such as access to a driver’s license. This would ensure that our drivers are well suited to dealing with the logical rule of traffic law, which is a well developed and mature concept in America. It would simultaneously establish a baseline of understanding for adults that wish to participate in the economic and political system afforded to them simply by birthright, by mandating that they have a framework for understanding the purpose of government as it relates to its relationship to the governed. 

I feel as though almost everyone could use more of an understanding of the system of governance we live under today. I challenge everyone, regardless of political inclinations, race, religion, gender, orientation, or any other uniquely identifying characteristics to review the original founding texts of our system for inspiration during these trying times. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate our shared values and mutual respect for the things that differentiate us from the Nazi war criminals spewing toxic propaganda into our media and polluting our minds. 

Interestingly enough, if you read the founding texts in the context of the threats presented in the last article, you will see that these works have stood the test of time and work very much as intended in practice. It is only in cases where undue restrictions have been placed on constitutional freedoms that I see true failures in the application of the law — many of which I can make clear examples for. 

The truth is, the sustained and metastasized information warfare has placed the domestic population of the United States under siege for a long, long time.

Remember, as the prophecy foretells, only one group is permitted to win and save the world — and so logically then, one group will seek to destroy it. We tell ourselves that, but these ‘facts’ are lies perpetuated solely for the purposes of sowing division and chaos in our society. The CCP does not believe in free agency. It does not know the concept of integrity and only seeks to crush dissent, however peaceful. Remember to always judge a civilization by how it treats its prisoners and dissenters. When the dissenters become the imprisoned or the demonized, you lose your society and become a totalitarian dictatorship hellbent on truly evil plans of world domination. If the governments of the developing world would stand aside and allow their people some liberty and agency and would help socially condition their societies to peace within a generation passing. Perhaps there are even some borders that stand to be rewritten.

I am sure other readers have been watching the Kurds intensely fight against a stronger and more well-equipped enemy.  Given the nature and history of the region, is it so hard to understand that these people probably just want some secured land for themselves? A secret and hidden land where they can live free from still more Nazi-style oppression camps?  The world says no to them today. I hope that they are successful in their fight for self-determination as well because it requires a substantial amount of human cost before the media here will pause its impeachment coverage for your personal plight against tyranny. Wouldn’t Turkey like an opportunity to establish fresh trade relations with a new partner? Or will Turkey carry on with the legacy of other oppressive regimes and lock down the border — using its dominant position to continually weaken the Kurd’s power structure until only small detached units remain, at which point they become a true “terrorist” group, just like the Uighurs. You see — we seem to repeat our history quite a lot and the world doesn’t substantially change outside of the occasional dramatic development in technology and communications. 

Imagine a world where the great people of China have a voice beyond the butchered lexicon we are now all well aware has infected our country’s political discourse. As I have mentioned previously, the lies have become so large now that the shroud of doubt should dissipate more and more with each passing day. The lies can only get so big before the effects of the obliterated financial system in China weighs on the soul of the Chinese monetary system. I use the term ‘soul’ because belief is a core function of our systems and institutions today. I believe in the power of our currency from a macroeconomic standpoint. It is true that I can exchange my $20 for a few gallons of gas because the fundamental economics of scale work out that way, and the market is largely left to set prices to invite the competition. Ask yourself this — if China’s economy is doing so well, why did they recently have to ban South Park? Winnie the Pooh? These are not signs of strong leadership, these are thrashed criminal organizations frequently make in their deathbeds. Still, why can’t I watch many English-translated works of Chinese film? What Chinese films have been produced over the last few years? Remember that real weird one on Netflix about the Chinese saving the world by rocketing the earth through the galaxy? If only they invested that money into education rather than feeding systems of propaganda here and elsewhere. 

China’s Banks have no reserves…

These deliberately confusing pieces of content warp our opinions, destroy our ability to think critically or rationally about major issues facing our society, deny us the truth, and serve only to separate us from one another. In practice, all this does is entirely dehumanize entire groups of people by painting Republican gun owners in the South as brutal killers that need to be entirely disarmed. As I will show — I find this view to be myopic in light of the threats we face as a civilization today. What I fear is that some of the deeply entrenched beliefs we, as a society, hold today may not actually be our independent thoughts at work. Over time, our ideas have been influenced and everyone has grown more radical about their beliefs in both deep and shallow senses. This has split families along political lines in the past before, and it is a very dangerous concept. While you may disagree with Trump on several issues (as I have myself) many of the more egregious aspects of his presidency have been walked back and life still hasn’t dramatically changed for most of us.

The reason this is important to all of us is that you cannot change domestic political policy in advance of a wider world, ruled mostly by lawless authoritarian and totalitarian dictatorships, that doesn’t have the political will to change. Mexican drug cartels, openly supported by the CCP, have begun killing American citizens in Mexico. If that came to your city — would you want to solely rely on the police to protect your wives, children, and pets?  These people do not care about any of your ideas of civil liberties and they are on our soil, infecting our country with more division each passing day. 

We will never be worthy of surviving as a species if we, the free world, are unable to peacefully unify and resolve our differences through constructive discussion, criticism, and balanced judgment. There has been a coordinated effort to manipulate us into thinking we are so dissimilar to one another that we may as well be different species.

I do believe that there are those out there who genuinely wish to abolish the second amendment of the Constitution. I would like to inform you (as well as some others, as you’ll soon see) that there are still real threats in the world among us today. In the United States, it is highly uncommon for individuals to be “disappeared” after going public with their stories which is why I am giving consideration to telling mine. 

Missing & detained people by CCP. 2018 data. Source: GMedia

Yes, indeed, they are among us. Local and federal authorities were notified but not given as much information as I am would present because they did not ask the right questions. I would be happy to assist my friends in government in getting down to these questions quickly and through the use of data — rather than that of subjective opinion. 

This would expose me publicly to the CCP and likely expose my well-being, but I choose to do it because no one else will if I do not. 

We are yet again blown away by the depth of the very real threat to the national security of our country.  We encourage others to follow suit in our scrutiny and diligence here, and welcome members of these news organizations to justify their actions. These corrupt and evil Nazi stooges have effectively weaponized even basic words, concepts, and phrases that have skewed our collective perception and ability to process current events as they happen. This says nothing of our primal and often emotional reactions to them. We file these little ‘veil-piercing’ events away as inconsequential because the lie can’t possibly be that big. 

It is that big. It is actually much bigger than that, but it will take time to unmask the illness and I don’t know if it will ever be possible to explain entirely the scale of this particular period of hysteria in American history. There are hostile entities in complete control of many news organizations that are freely published, retweeted in ignorance, and more frequently provide ongoing material support of CCP (Nazi) propaganda. 

Lou Dobbs: Trade War, Amerian media speaks for the other side?

The wartime Nazi propaganda department of Germany would be in awe at the size of the delusion plaguing many western media organizations. I don’t know if this is out of malice, ignorance, blackmail, divestment of ‘tabbed’ media properties (does anyone even work at CNN World News? Seriously? Or any other potential reasons — but I know that it is wrong and I see that it is a deliberate stifling of real journalism which is supposed to be guaranteed under our first amendment protections. Again, we urge you to turn off your televisions and recite our country’s governing texts aloud with your families this holiday season to rejuvenate the understanding that in spite of everything else — the American experiment of peaceful and willing multiculturalism has been a resounding success when compared to that of other nations around the world because of the civil liberties and equal protection under the law that we strive to uphold. Of course — we must remember who is in part responsible for the failures of that same experiment. Many will recall that fateful drug bill from the first Clinton era that sentenced so many low level offenders to harsh and prison terms (in clear violation of 8th amendment rights) was advocated for by the same dynastic family that tried to run for election in 2016 — and nearly won. This type of disastrous policy is exactly the type of policy Democrats of 2019 want to avoid entirely. We need peaceful reunification — not further division.

We do not wish to be identified as journalists or members of the press. This is more like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in that we are asking for the public to understand what we are saying, but to react to it in the spirit of peaceful reunification that I am sure, as fallible humans, we can accept. Some of us will need to re-evaluate our views of the world and hopefully internalize newfound respect for those with differing political opinions. Know that burying your head in your hands and closing your ears is antithetical to the American way of civil discourse and that you do a disservice to the country by ignoring opposing viewpoints and dehumanizing your opponents. Our goal is to simply secure, for generations, the civil liberties we enjoy at home for the great people of Hong Kong and China, by showing western audiences the truth about “Unrestricted Warfare” and what it means to do one’s civic duty as a lover of American ideals and values. These values are under attack from enemies foreign and domestic, just as they were when those words were uttered at the inception of the country. 

It is time for one group of society to be the adults in the room and willingly forgive and accept another group for their shortcomings. I hope every consumer of western media at this point understands what I am saying. One side is right here, and one side is wrong. We have been fooled for too long. It is time for us to help one another in the true spirit of cooperation, where life is not simply a zero-sum game, but a journey where we as a society must stand together to fight against Nazi’s in 2019 to ensure that peace and civil liberties in our culture remain protected. This must be, in order to ensure that the next generation of Americans will continue to nurture and promote common dignities among men around the world. Whereas China(CCP) rules by fear and violence, America persuades by peace through strength, unity, liberty, and justice for all. How have we forgotten these things as a society and become so uncivilized and uncaring for one another that we would eschew sane and rational conversation about social and financial issues because they have become fleeting moments of electrically charged ‘hashtag activism’, only amplified by hostile foreign powers? We feel we have made a compelling case for in the instance of the Trump Trade War, as well as in coverage of the non-violent protests being conducted by our friends in Hong Kong who continue to be trampled.

If the will of the American population was for this madness to abruptly stop, we all have the freedom to peacefully enter our streets and break bread together as we have so many times before in our history. Police, protestors, and counter-protestors alike should be holding hands to support their free peers in Hong Kong who are under invasion by a foreign military force adept in only a few endeavors of grand scale, of which quashing internal rebellions over the last 70+ years is a core competency. It is unfortunate then how much we have enabled this oppression, as I began to cover in my last article. This was by no means an exhaustive list and I would encourage our government to deeply look into this and take immediate action on further assessing “dual-use” (military and civilian) applications of technology — and further to work on ways to bridge the divides between our civilian population and that of our military as we all share the same fundamental value system. We are truly free in this country.

When you review the context of the rest of the world — yes, there is a semblance of American exceptionalism. We do not have any concentration camps where we wholesale slaughter minorities. Much progress needs to be made to ensure we stay that way as it seems to me that this is actually just a natural tendency of big government (the CCP IS big government personified) to classify ethnic subtypes into “animals” and then systematically work to erase them from history. The Turks and Armenians. The Germans and Jews (and many others). The CCP and the KMT. The CCP and the Tibetans. The CCP and the Uighurs. The CCP and Hong Kongers. The CCP and Taiwanese. The CCP and Chinese. As we have said — Miles believes and has persuaded us with his story. We ask for you to trust and follow what he says carefully so that we may witness and be a part of history together. 

What is the fundamental problem in China-US relations?

I know that the American people, current social differences aside, are ready to accept one another into back their arms with the type of love and forgiveness that I know is only possible in this country. There has been an unprecedented mass accumulation of media properties in this country by hostile foreign powers that have resulted in coordinated attacks on the very fabric that binds us together. This consistently threatens to undermine the rule of law and bypass the collective will of the good people of this country in favor of partisan politics.

I will not excuse the atrocious treatment of real journalists across the world, but it’s not something that we can afford to allow us to distract from the nature of the threats that we face at this time. Many issues we see actually end up just causing us to be greatly distracted from statistically relevant threats. 

As we have shared, the lack of coverage on current events sheds light on the political beliefs these organizations wish to impart to their viewers. We would ask that our nation start to address this phenomenon as a national security concern once both sides come to an agreement on the level of foreign government intervention in our media here (looking at you, Russia Today) we wish to allow. I am comforted by the fact that leaders like Putin are predictable and rational actors, but the CCP is not like them. As Xan Yu, a PLA general said, “the bear only befriend the panda because nobody wants to be friends with the bear”. Russia is completely isolated by crippling sanctions. It is not a threat to our democracy. They do not respect the rule of law as we do, and neither do many other countries outside of Europe. Some other countries are trying. It is interesting to compare the political system of a country like India too, being an economic sister country, China. 

It seems every nook and cranny of the news organizations are filled to the brim with lies and toxicity. CNN is very guilty. MSNBC is very guilty, SCMP is very guilty. Remember that the last one is filled with Nazi propaganda as we showed in our last piece. These are not merely “guilty” parties, but they are historical revisionists who undermine the rule of law in our country by misreporting international news and arguably manufacturing domestic news. 

Our impeachment inquiry broadcast is backed up in content creation by internet chum. I hear regurgitated opinions from CCP leadership being uttered by American media and citizens about the economic impact of the trade war. 

Bloomberg: Xi is not a dictator. CCP listens to the people!

There is no historical context for this propaganda having so deeply entrenched itself into our discourse. The issues that we pause media coverage of the impeachment proceedings to monitor (like school shootings) are dwarfed in size by decades of hostile foreign intervention into the media and drug cartels. Where is this coverage going on?

This is not only antithetical to our values as a society but blatantly disregards history and has no respect for the scales of tragedies engulfing the people of Hong Kong and mainland China. By misrepresenting the real news from around the world, CNN makes it clear who it’s true owners are. 

Though half a world away, it seems CNN and CCP state-owned media are owned by the same masters. We have seen them quote one another quite a few times. They actually almost always quotes CNN — probably because it is aware of the erosion of any semblance of journalistic integrity in that organization. 

Sina quotes CNN

In 2019, we have the unique ability to look at Nazi propaganda techniques in real-time all over again. 

A favored wartime tactic of Nazi Germany was Blitzkreig. I feel this is an appropriate analog to how fast the media institutions react to news being created and disseminated in this country today. It is a hostile assault on our shared values intended to subtly divide us, not real journalism.

To bring this conversation to a close — we encourage our readers to run the following thought experiment to assist them in understanding our points. 

CNN and MSNBC have no facilities left to do any original reporting to cover real international news. Instead, they are lying about what we can only imagine are second-hand accounts of news as it happens (probably due to “economic efficiencies” [read: FIRING JOURNALISTS) of syndicating media across multiple platforms) then what does that say about them as an organization? Are they capable of reporting events in the correct context with no ability to think critically about global events like Holocaust scale concentration camps?

They, along with American companies like Microsoft (but not Google — thank you Shawn Zhang!) — actively censor these camps in their mapping products available freely online. In the case of Microsoft (Bing Maps), the lands are stripped patches of earth from before the camps were built. Shame on Microsoft for actively censoring these tragedies under the guise of military secrecy. 

If they are willing to be complicit in covering up Nazi war crimes by obfuscating the news — and in fact, hacking your phones perception of the news such that users are unaware of the filtering due to subtle but prolonged attacks on our information infrastructure that we as a society still find it difficult to believe even occur. Technology has outpaced our ability to think. Now, others think for us, but it is clear what is happening and we are freed again to think independently.

Again, I ask to be challenged with data on these topics — not emotion. Give me statistics to make me care about these divisive issues and I will.  I certainly agree there are atrocious crimes taking place in the country, but let us reposition ourselves to take action against the statistically relevant crimes. The tariffs help to accomplish that, and if they are at our expense in the short term, then so be it. Economists who say these tariffs are not hurting China are lying to you and are, in a way, treasonous. China has reported consecutively shrinking GDP growth now for quite a while. How long can that be sustained? What are the real metrics?  We urge our readers to conduct their own independent research and be mindful that what you may be reading has been weaponized against you. 

We would ask all of our readers to consider their sources of news more seriously.  We recommend a boycott from watching these types of organizations platforms until they are able to accurately report on events. We believe in CNN’s case that staff has been told to follow impeachment proceedings 24×7. Since when should partisan politics come before the nation’s fentanyl crisis? Meth crisis? Homeless crisis? Why can’t we address any of these other important issues? Because there is an ongoing sustained attack on our information infrastructure that has paralyzed the discourse in this country and made it nearly impossible to find the truth within seas of lies. 

To make a change: immediately reach out behind your television and pull the power cable out. It has become clear that much like the Democratic Party splintering and failing to select a candidate — perhaps it is time to admit to ourselves that the premise of the party (that the world is somehow substantially more civilized now than it was 100 years ago) is fundamentally flawed and that we should be reaching out to our allies across the world to bind free men together, rather than tear them apart. 

I hope we are able to witness the true peaceful reunification of the Chinese people, and I hope they are able to usher in a new system of government with peaceful intentions so that our systems may collaborate to secure the advancement of human progress into the era of commercialized space travel together. If not — then we are not worthy of becoming a spacefaring civilization

Thank you all for reading and may we be the first to welcome you to a new world. One where our politicians may have a real impact in bringing about change around the world. We hope the people of Hong Kong and the people of China find safety and security in the prosperous decades to come. 

May we never forget that as we approach 2020 — Hong Kong is still under active siege by a foreign military presence. Hong Kongers have much in common with us, which is why the CCP openly blames western society with encouraging the protests. That is out of self-preservation. I do not wish to be imprisoned for my political or religious beliefs as so many before have.

We are being openly lied to by many of our news organizations. Let us all drop the charade and unify now. 

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