Joint Declaration from the Hong Kong Wedding Industry

Hong Kong wedding industry issued a joint statement on November 8: Hong Kong people, persist! Hong Kong people, resist!

We believe in the Rule of Law spirit. It has been disheartening to witness the recent police brutality events, where certain Hong Kong Police members have abused their power, tortured, publicly humiliated, and arrested the innocent.

Unfortunately it has come to the point where it is no longer viable for us to provide our genuine blessing to any clients from the Police force during their wedding, as incidents involving potential police misconduct reoccur on a daily basis. We can no longer turn a blind eye to such events.

There has been a notable lack of commitment from the Hong Kong government to address the current violation of civilians’ rights. Therefore, in order to uphold the values we believe in, we declare that: before an Independent Commission on Policing can be properly established to lay criminal charges against the police officers involved in misbehaviour, and to ensure those who committed a violation of human rights are brought to justice, we will no longer accept any reservations from the Hong Kong Police force with regard to any celebratory events.

Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times!
Hong Kong people, persist! Hong Kong people, resist!



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Nov. 11, 2019