U.S Pacific Air Forces said in a statement that a B-52 Stratofortress bomber flew halfway across the world to join two aircraft carriers in an exercise in the South China Sea.

The B-52 flew with strike fighters and electronic warfare jets from aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan over the Pacific. It is interesting to note that the U.S sent the two aircraft carrier to the region for the first time since 2014.

The bomber was from the 96th Bomb Squadron, 2nd Bomb Wing and was based out of Barksdale Air Force Base, La. PACAF quoted squadron commander Lt. Col.

Christopher Duff stated that the 28-hour mission was to demonstrate “U.S. capability to rapidly deploy to a forward-operating base and execute long-range strike missions” Duff added, “This sortie demonstrates our ability to reach out from the home station, fly anywhere in the world and execute those missions, rapidly regenerate from a forward operating base and continue operations,”

As per the Associated Press, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said the exercises were performed “totally out of ulterior motives” and undermined stability in the area. He added, “Against such a backdrop, the U.S. deliberately dispatched massive forces to conduct large-scale military exercises in the relevant waters of the South China Sea to flex its military muscle,” Florida Rep. Ted Yoho, a senior Republican member for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said while discussing said, “They can’t compete with us on that, and they know that,”

In this video Defense Updates analyzes how the U.S is sending a strong message to China by sending a B 52 bomber in the south China Sea?

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