[China VS. USA] Unrestricted Warfare: A Historical Context for how the CCP has been Conducting Open War Against the United States for 70+ Years.

In case you missed our first piece: Opinion: Hong Kong, Real-time Market Data Manipulation, Global Liquidity Crisis, and the CCP

Welcome back to ‘The Farm.’ This is Halliburton — and this is Part 2.

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Some of the feedback has been a little scary, and some have been funny. We don’t work for the feds.

We are normal just like all of you. We chose the name Halliburton because we found it funny and it reminds us of more simple days when it didn’t matter who got elected President of the United States of America because there was no policy differentiation. The CCP is correct in that there are black hands at work moving their cheese — we can only hope to be honored by that distinction, if only for a day. May they conduct much research on us, as we have already deeply studied them. Enough people know our identity as writers now that if something happened to us, American citizens on US soil, it would be pretty clear who did what. We would hope everyone reads what is here with an open mind regardless of their political views or beliefs. We will review policy and data here, and not rely on our emotions to drive us.

We are pleased our first public service announcement was so well received and we hope to contribute many more.

It is hard to determine truth from fiction, because of a sustained “Disinformation Warfare” campaign (I theorize to be) actively carried out by the CCP and it’s power structures. It truly becomes impossible to determine the truth from reality. We hope to continue exposing how these are acts of “information warfare.” As we exposed in our last article, relevant and truthful news is systematically buried by complex technological systems (of war) that appear to be “real” to the untrained eye. I would ask that all my readers critically consider their sources of news more closely and rely on their intuition in the coming years to help themselves heal. This is about safeguarding the very future of democracy in the world. It is time to set aside personal beliefs to support our friends in Hong Kong with open arms and fairness. 

Good people must always bind together against tyranny in whatever capacity we can, because several crises, both real and manufactured, have clearly spiraled out of control. Recent news coming from outlets like the South China Morning Post has been blatantly promoting CCP propaganda on the Trump Trade War and this Nazi-level propaganda gains unwitting supporters everywhere. This particular “news” outfit was sold by Rupert Murdoch to Alibaba under the leadership of Jack Ma in 2016. If you had read my last article — we laid out a case (using Mr. Miles Guo evidence) wherein Jack Ma was both personally “repatriated” to his country, as well as having the misfortune of having had his assets seized by the CCP.  Jack Ma was always an inspirational figure to me, and I’m certain Bill Gates would feel very scared if something happened to him. We all have friends. Sadly, men like Bill Gates had a substantial and often unwitting hand in enabling the monster that is the CCP today. History will judge his failures accordingly.

One grand example of his foolishness — partnering up with a Chinese PLA University to advance machine learning and technology for the purposes of creating a more effective surveillance state in China. I argue that Bill Gates is in part responsible now for the deaths of countless civilians caught in a political war, whereby the tools he helps fund being built become weaponized and employed against civilians. Thanks for your contribution to civilization, Bill. Please don’t vote in the next election as you should be tried under espionage laws for aiding America’s enemies. What’s that? You also drove the implementation of Common Core in this country?  Where did you get that idea? Why are you so deeply involved in the education system in this country when you are a technology executive? Why do you even go as far as to admit your failures in this area, and then double down with your vast wealth to keep making it worse?

To return to Hong Kong: When Jack Ma’s assets are seized by the “authorities” — who gains control of them? Joe Tsai and his CCP handlers.

Joe Tsai. source

The authors of news on the subject frequently claim that the brave, peaceful, and non-violent protesters clad in all black are nothing but violent rioters who get what they deserve. Children are being gang-raped en masse. Peaceful students are being suicided and thrown from rooftops. Yet, if we review CNN World News, we may as well get on a plane and travel to one of the limited corners of the world left untouched by decades of failed political policies. There is no independent journalism left covering Hong Kong at CNN besides occasional justification of the unjustifiable gang rapes and torture going on under our noses. Under this context — what are Patriots to do?  This is a hostile attack against democracy and peaceful acts of self-determination.  Come to think of it, where was CNN’s coverage of Xinjiang? Of Tibet?

Hong Kong Police Brutality.
Armed police transporting Uyghurs as prisoners. Source.

Newsflash. The ‘rebellious and separatists’ Tibetans are long dead, or worse.  The CCP sends an unknown quantity of its excess men to sleep in the beds of Uighur women whose husbands have been imprisoned because of their religious beliefs.  If you go on Youtube, back to 2009, you will see Uighur men charging CCP “police” with metal rods only to be gunned down in the open street.  How desperate must they have been? Let us not forget their struggles before it is too late.

Where is the outrage on this from the same politicians and media criticizing the official United States policy on immigration from war-torn Syria? Cities in Europe have been under constant grenade (hand grenades in Sweden), knife (Britain), and Germany mass sexual assault attacks for years and this official policy on the Middle East has been characterized as “racist” due to terms like “radical Islamic extremists” as well as “extreme vetting.” I believe Angela Merkel and Putin both agree that Germany’s immigration policy on Syria was probably the greatest mistake of Europe since the founding of the EU. It is no wonder then why citizens of Britain are asking to decouple from the madness of the EU. It is no wonder that men in Germany and Sweden are upset that their women are being raped by radical Islamic extremists. The police were complicit in covering many of these incidents things up for political purposes. This is publicly available information. 

CNN (MSNBC, and others) actively suppress this type of information? Where do the viewers on this? Do they understand the importance or significance of these events?  I believe the answer is “not yet.” That needs to change. The scale of the lie here is quite hard to fathom — but I should know, I used to watch these organizations too. I have not suddenly become radicalized, or a neo-Nazi. It is just clear to me that this travesty of justice serves no purpose for the peaceful people of Hong Kong who, like their German counterparts, are trying to save their own futures. 

The veil must be brought down now.


The CCP thugs pushed this person off a roof. He did not fall on his own. These are highly common tactics of the CCP. Gas your opponents. Beat your opponents. Break your opponents’ bones. Crush your opponents’ skulls. Send your police and thugs to arrest and gangrape your enemies’ women. Kill, brutally, your own friends.

Why are these people allowed to influence American media? Why does CNN blatantly lie? Remember Chan Yin Lam. Remember Chow Tsz-Lok. Why is the story of Chan Yin Lam not available on CNN? Countless others have been imprisoned and tortured at San Uk Ling detention center, and still, others continue to be gang-raped (both boys and girls — many below the age of 17) as a violent tactic to make Hong Kong kneel. Hong Kong will look like Xinjiang in no time if nothing is done.

Miles Guo talking about Hong Kong protestor victims.

This should sicken anyone. Why is this being suppressed by CNN? I urge my readers to validate or disprove my claims but to consider ALL their sources with more scrutiny. Even more frequent are their attacks on social media, and on Twitter. 

Something needs to be made clear:


It is not only CNN. NPR is also under a spell: hong-kong-charges-dozens-of-protesters-with-rioting

Many of these people will face harsh prison sentences. We will need to find new sources of news.

It is ironic then that official CCP news says “no one would deal with rioters like this” because we too would be burning our cities down if they were placed under siege by Peoples Liberation Army troops clad in local police uniforms. We hope all of our readers know how important it is for our senators to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy act as soon as it is feasible. We encourage you all to find your local representatives’ views on this topic and ensure we do the right thing in Hong Kong. 

Here are Joseph Tsai’s thoughts publicly on the matter of Hong Kong. We encourage you all to read between the lines here, take a principled stand, and rest firmly on it. After all, the tree of liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots and tyrants alike.

Open letter to all NBA fans: When I bought controlling interest in the Brooklyn Nets in September, I didn’t expect my…

Joe Tsaiさんの投稿 2019年10月6日日曜日

The owner of the New York Nets is a communist stooge. He may own assets here now, but the CCP is the ultimate owner of the cashflow. Remember that every time someone enters the Barclays center for a Nets game.  We should be boycotting everything Joe Tsai touches immediately. If anyone wants to work on building new technology used to fight oppression — it should be employees at companies that interface largely globally. We need a deeper and more interconnected world, but the rest of the world’s leaders do not necessarily share in the same values of freedom that all Americans and morally informed citizens should support. 

Our ideas of personal freedoms and civil liberties are under attack and I await the day when police, protestors, and counter-protestors stand by side unified for true Patriots and freedom fighters in Hong Kong. All of our civilian population should be mobilizing at this point to protect our future generations from this evil force in the world. The point of my last article was to say that when the rest of the world’s money gets scared, it comes to the safety of the United States. We would posit today that learning the Constitution and basics of American governance structures are more important than ever.  We have been collectively manipulated and strayed very far from our roots.

Miles Guo sends us information about this regularly. He speaks of manipulation on such a mass scale — it would be hard to identify without systematically explaining what is happening.

What’s CCP’s blockchain?

Xi Jinping (the president of China) often speaks of the same territorial sovereignty that I will continue to discuss at length — only he believes the protestors are “separatists”, just like in Xinjiang and Tibet. These people just want to live their lives and not have Nazis exterminating them. This is simple to understand. Many of us would feel uncomfortable with Nazis encroaching on our personal space, and the owner of the Brooklyn Nets is nothing but a Nazi collaborator. Fortunately, some very good people are working on solving this problem.

It’s time for everyone in the United States to accept that Miles Guo is the “one that got away” from the secret plan for world domination by a bunch of evil Nazis. With time — and more research into 5G, we can expose all of this. We all know what they are doing there. The only saving grace is that these Nazis may have become so corrupt that they can’t hide the news stories they manufacture to make even more money. I would encourage the SEC to investigate the source of the articles I referenced earlier for insider trading violations. 

Unfortunately for them, gravity exists and they will be cash-starved soon. If I were a free and independent country like Taiwan — that’s when I would start to worry. Sadly for them, it looks like they may be choosing to hire a pro-Beijing guy soon. History will look unfavorably on that decision if the CCP’s house of cards (their currency, foreign exchange system, global business conduct, and so on) implodes soon as we suspect it will. 

The CCP has heavily invested in infrastructure projects in the developing world to try to create indebted client states from which it can then (among other things) launch targeted drone strikes against civilians and dissidents alike, at will. These are Nazis with advanced military drones with a global reach for extrajudicial killings. Obama had a similar policy I disagreed with on a moral level because it wound up killing many innocent civilians in practice, generating still more unknown enemies of our nation for decades to come. The children of Middle Eastern parents killed in drone strikes will kill Americans for those actions. 

Perhaps soon — we will publicly identify some of our core team and tell our stories publicly. We don’t choose this because we want to be exposed to the Chinese military, but rather wish to contrast the types of people we are with the traitorous actions of some of our neighbors who we believe should be prosecuted under federal espionage laws, and if found guilty, hung as our founding fathers would have. We need an immediate and drastic return to unabashed and unrepentant patriotism in the United States.

There is an easy parallel here to the ongoing prosecution and extradition of the CFO of Huawei that we will save for a future article. 

While we are currently a (very) small civilian group, we wish to make a clear distinction between true patriots and those who, perhaps out of naïveté for the strategies employed by our military intelligence counterparts in the PLA, would see the annihilation of Western values and civilization. Make no mistake — this is the very core premise of our topics of conversation and we feel strongly that our future freedom is at risk due to the contagion of the CCP. We also know the PLA is watching, and we hope to establish a friendship with them through the peaceful sharing of intelligence and mathematical data so that they may see and decide for themselves how best to help their own people.

The very fact that we, while successful in our professional careers, are able to be platformed alongside Miles, proves that the very values of Western freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights are still very much alive and well in the population. We encourage all of our readers to review basic American texts (before the CCP abolishes them) like the Declaration of Independence on a regular basis to understand the plight of our friends in Hong Kong. Judging by the support we are receiving, it seems this tactic has been effective. 

We also understand the risk this poses for the Chinese leadership, and so we call upon the Cyber Warfare department to please consider that we hope one day to be working together on peaceful applications of technology to better our collective civilizations — rather than wasting our precious time trying to destroy one another, when that is in neither of our people’s best interests. It is unfortunate that the Chinese leadership would use Western technology against us when it is the very set of tools that enabled their people to help lift themselves up out of poverty. Communism served the countries interests in its times of need — but it is time for new leadership that represents the interests of all dignified people living in Chinese territory, and not just the wealthy and powerful oligarchs and CCP stooges like Joseph Tsai, owner of the New York Nets. It is clear that anyone who doesn’t toe the line is imported back to China for ‘re-education’ and asset forfeiture, just like Jack Ma. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we respect him dearly and hope to see his safe release from politically charged imprisonment soon. We are also thankful to have found and internalized Miles’s insights on these topics as he has helped to open our minds to the truth about the CCP and its behavior.

We encourage everyone to learn his story and determine for yourself if you believe he is telling the truth. We do believe Miles is telling the truth and accordingly believe it’s important to build strength. Call your local federal authorities if you see suspicious Chinese made cameras. We’re going to cover some other, more strategic, aspects of the relationship dynamic between our “two antithetical, diametrically opposed systems.” Please take care to read the sources and judge them critically. 



We believe George Soros has underreported the mortal threat this regime poses to democratic civilization and will work towards proving that. Some of these topics are quite personal, but we ask that readers practice patience and tolerance in understanding the viewpoints presented. 

Part 1: An Introduction to Chinese History for the West

Today, we go back in time. Over the last several thousand years, China has spent the majority of its existence being carved into various fractured fiefdoms by foreign and domestic powers of varying military and political strengths. This lack of unity has had many unintended consequences we are forced to deal with head-on today. This has led in part to the modern obsession the CCP holds with territorial integrity and their state sovereignty. This is also why it uses thugs and bullies to harass and kill the good people of Hong Kong into submission. Plainly stating that “we are a dictatorship, you will do what we want” is insufficient in this case — and so China must paint all of its many dissidents and ‘separatists’ as hostile to the goals of the state in order to justify its campaigns of violence and oppression. We are silent when considering what happened in Tibet and Xinjiang, but we also know that the regime is weak now and that makes it possible to further loosen its grip. 

It is the same philosophy that brings us this ‘Star Wars’ like imperially-inspired quality to ‘quash internal rebellions’ and universally end disputes in ‘crushed bodies and shattered bones‘ to ensure territorial integrity in Hong Kong. We hope this policy of oppression is reversed soon and the people of Hong Kong receive independent legal help in resolving cases of police and PLA brutality, rape, and imprisonment. In the strategy of unrestricted warfare, it’s become more obvious that the Chinese party elite establishes direct control of Western media (like Forbes) to push their narrative. The question we would like to ask is how deep that level of control goes. For every spineless traitor like Lebron who openly kneels to the CCP, how many more silently kneel and betray information about our infrastructure and vulnerabilities? Given the recent case noted earlier where more than 80m worth of cameras and equipment were illegally sold to the US government since as early as 2006, it’s clear now we’ve been sold out more than once. We hope you, as readers, will raise awareness and call your local representatives and continuously pressure for action, however, you can. Click here: Three levels you can do to help Hong Kong.

Imagine if the United States had fractured — for thousands of years — and 70 years ago we FINALLY got the country unified under ‘Crony Communism’. In practice, this obviously looks more like the governance of Nazi Germany, and they even managed to kick all the remaining pro-Democracy advocates out to Taiwan.

Hmm.. Where else have we been booting out pro-democracy advocates recently? Perhaps the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

We sure hope we have an audience in mainland China (perhaps even within the CCP itself). This part is more a plea for sensibility, rationality, and self-governance than anything else. It may also serve as a warning to those in the West who would (as Miles has said countless times) otherwise be naive to the current geopolitical landscape. Where the typical American sees disconnected events in isolation (as a result of their conditioning), we see a larger pattern at play here, thanks to Miles’ courage to speak out about this openly and honestly.

As lovers of history, we here on The Farm believe that the harmonious nature of capitalism in lockstep to the political will of representative democracy is one of the main engines that drove collective human history after the industrial revolution. This, in turn, created a strong middle ‘intellectual’ class of ‘white-collar’ jobs in the United States that persists to this day. These people are the ones with true power as they are often the drivers of technological innovation, efficiencies, and every so often, principles. We didn’t get everything right here, but we did the best per capita when compared with other nations of larger size. It is possible to measure individual state’s GDP metrics with those of entire foreign countries with much larger populations. 

Even the working poor, per capita, enjoy a higher standard of living and civil protections than in nearly any part of the world today. We agree that some advancements need to be made — but not at the expense of our national security and not at the expense of our democratic institutions. 

The distinction that needs to be clear is the metric by which we define civilization in the context of the times we live in. What does it mean to be a member of the civilized world today?

Part 2: China, and its many sorrows.

Frequently, as we saw in the case of The Opium Wars — Western imperialists invaded China several times for a variety purpose and the CCP even hold the Japs in particular high disdain for events like the Rape of Nanking. The problem is — as with many other conflicts in human history, the people and mindset that carried out those atrocities have long ago died off and no longer represent the views of that society. The CCP actively brainwashes its citizens — even children, to believe that the Japanese are still their enemy. In fact, in mainland China, there is no longer reference to any Western assistance given during WWII taught in schools. This type of revisionist history is what sets us apart from the CCP. 

They have been replaced with people that grew up in the era of American denominated prosperity that was ushered in for us after the conclusion of World War II. Just as few of us likely wanted to invade Vietnam, few of them want to fight — but they have been deeply misled by their revisionist government.

There are few Japanese men left willing to invade Mainland China in order to enslave its population because the mode of governance has changed, the people have changed, and the world has moved on since these events. It is ironic to us that the leadership of China fails to see how it’s actions simply inspire yet another generation of people with hatred in their hearts due to oppressive government policy. We only see nationalism in this instance as an abuse of power for political purposes. 

At the civilian level, Japan has generally tried to keep its global relations rooted in (formerly) competitive trading advantages — like their ability to manufacture TVs and VCRs in the 90s — while entirely lacking in self-defense forces and relying on protection provided by the American military. 

This will likely change as they realize the threat the CCP poses, just as Taiwan has so intelligently done for many decades to safeguard its sovereignty, which is perpetually under assault. 

What a shame it is to find Japanese economic statistics so damaging, but when the aspiration is for everybody to be like Masayoshi Son, we don’t believe the accurate analysis is being done on our personal motivations for our activities. This is certainly true in what many believe are the twilight days of our stock market, where we are all openly awaiting a steep negative correction, yet stocks continue to push ever higher records every day. We’ve covered this capital flight in our first post. Business Insider uses these facts to attack capitalism but this is not a failure of capitalism, this is another subtle hostile attack on our way of life. It is by subterfuge that these opinions were created, may it be by casting these untruths into light that they die. 

Business Insider screenshot

Unfortunately, the CCP has chosen to raise a generation of men that want nothing more than to invade and rape Japan (and Tibet, and Xinjiang, and now Hong Kong, and certainly in future Taiwan) as long overdue punishment for crimes of the father. We would implore PLA leadership to study this view we hold closely. It was possible to live in a more harmonious world if only the timing had been better for our peoples. 

Instead — we now lock our horns into endless domestic struggles, with an often overwhelming number of civilian casualties caught in the crossfire as a result. Statistically, the breaks in impeachment coverage have been to show mass shootings. As a statistic — we can fit all mass shooting deaths in this country into just a few months (at maximum) of fentanyl overdoses. Why do we not focus on the statistically significant issue here?  What is it about law-abiding citizens having their second amendment rights that bother CNN so much? The world is not prepared to disarm itself. Imagine if the colonists hadn’t stormed the armories during the founding of our country. A well informed and armed populace is not a threat to anyone, besides the CCP.

We know that this is intentional, but we don’t believe our Western colleagues quite understand the implications of the state-sponsored Fentanyl production and distribution. This is a terrorist campaign financed and protected by CCP leadership in order to directly kill tens of thousands of Americans per year. If Joe Biden’s son Hunter had proclivities towards Opiates and bad died from a Fentanyl overdose, we wonder what his policy on this would have been? He certainly would not have been alive to receive over 1.5 billion dollars in Chinese investments to manage. What qualifies him for that position? Why do we not hold Joe Biden to the same standards that we do our elected officials? Under this scrutiny, it becomes clear what is happening. Recall, Diane Feinstein had a CCP spy for over 20 years as a driver. We do not believe that these people (Biden, Feinstein, etc.) are intentionally trying to kill us. They genuinely believe in their policy. Their policy is just fundamentally broken in the world we live in. This is important context for Hong Kong because it serves to show how this type of subtle informational warfare has helped to shape the views of millions of Americans — despite being CCP propaganda.

Are they giving Trump assistance in shutting down a recent ring of Fentanyl distributors? What about all the Mexican drug cartels receiving precursors for meth from their Chinese sources?

Yes — this is what unrestricted warfare looks like. 

Fentanyl is a clear case here. The epidemic in this country began spiraling out of control after Xi and Wang Qishan (currently the Dictator in Chief, and Vice Dictator) took power in 2012 and abolished term limits for themselves. That’s right. We’re going to have 50 more years of this style of warfare if our macro views on China are wrong. Buckle up.

Part 3: Please suspend disbelief and keep reading at all costs — even if you disagree.

The era of modern Trump foreign policy, as I will continue to demonstrate, is actually cohesive and has an understandable philosophical underpinning. We can demonstrate this as being based in reality that many in this country have found to be confusing because of where they get their news (see Part 1) from. 

If we look upon these issues with slightly more dispassion, it becomes clear to us what our foreign policy actually is in 2019. Russia is weakened by decades of brain-drain, and despite making encroachments into Ukraine and annexing Crimea, as a global power it is not very much of a threat. Putin, as with many other modern dictators, is an open book about his philosophy and views on Western political decisions. I will not speak to his ability to govern. I disagree with many of his violations of human rights and basic civil liberties but would welcome an open discussion with him on how to solve the problems of our world today, of which I believe he is genuinely representing the concerns of many, but not all (he is a dictator), Russian citizens. 

“While the population of Russia is almost five times that of Texas, Texas outpaces Russia when it comes to GDP. Russia’s gross domestic product amounts to about 1.3 trillion, while the Lone Star State’s comes to about 1.7 trillion.”

Who is our biggest threat today? Who is engaging in Unrestricted Warfare with us? Russia? Is Russia flooding our streets with fentanyl? Meth? Partnering with drug cartels? As Miles has said — customs and border in China are under government control, which means that unless this is fully stopped, there are still elements of the government actively working to kill relatively close to 100,000 Americans a year by drug overdoses. This is a theory: We believe national statistics on drug use/abuse/death go vastly underreported here and that we have lost more than reported to CCP-linked drug deaths than previously identified. Please review the yellow line below. Many official CCP policies changes at this time, because Xi Jinping seized power and Wang Qishan’s anti-corruption movement.

The scope and surface area of this country being attacked is unprecedented in nature. Never before have so many Americans died from a single hostile power without so much as a single shot fired back or acknowledgment of such hostility? Today, we will demonstrate how we can leverage that to our strengths. China has trained an army (we call them wumao, which means ’50 cent warriors’ because they are paid per diem..) specifically for the purposes of incubating many thousands of fake accounts on Western social media to distract, confuse, incite, enrage, and divide. This is what unrestricted warfare looks like in the context of Reddit, and what discussions you are permitted to see on Facebook. While we know many people harbor the views of these wumao — because they are state-sponsored views and lobbied for in America, we want to expose them for what they are.

Please read this carefully:

The Mexican drug cartels have begun actively gunning down Americans in the streets in Mexico. Make no mistake that this will serve as a great distraction for the time being. The people in the media responsible for misunderstanding the world are unfortunately willing participants in state-sponsored espionage attacks aimed at sowing division in our nation.  We hope all of our readers understand what we are implying by this. 

We encourage you to read posts and comments on https://www.reddit.com/r/sino where you can see this in real-time for yourselves. This has permeated every corner of the internet. It has even, as we saw the other day, infected the mainstream media and it is becoming more and more difficult to stay hidden in the shadows.

It is also in this context, as freedmen and staunch moral and ethical proponents of the American methodology of respecting basic human dignities, we collectively say “No.” to the CCP — and further, will to see it that this evil is forever vanquished from the earth and those responsible for their crimes be held accountable according to the Rule of Law — and not the code of the street as we so frequently see in Communist China. 

Glory to Hong Kong.

Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our times. 

Make no mistake, we have been under attack for a long, long time. 

P.s. We could use some help with editing and making sense of all this. I can be sought out on the VOG discord under my pen name. 
Author: Halliburton.
Editor: GM09.
Cover: GM44.

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