In Hong Kong under the CCP, the morals of public officials have been lost

Hong Kong used to be a state of etiquette, and people respect each other, and love each other and would help each other.  Public officials are always helpful and very patient.  I don’t know when it’s been since the CCP took over, these veteran public officials have become more and more impatient.

On November 10, a visual-impaired person could not catch the last train at Shatin Station and MTR staff shoved her to the floor! This will be incredible if it happened before.

After vandalism occurred in Shatin Station, at around 15:00 MTR announced the closure of the station immediately. While the station was closing, a visually-impaired woman wanted to catch the last departing train but the staff refused her entry and demanded her to leave.

The MTR staff neglected to guide the woman nor did they assist her, she was shoved to the ground amidst the chaos. After the scuffle, she lay on the ground while the shutter was lowering.

A large group of citizens rushed to the woman as they saw the incident. They shouted at the staff, “Don’t you guys have any conscience?”

Two more people joined to stop the shutter and only then did the staff stopped the attempt and let the woman walkout. She felt unwell after the scuffle and had to take medication for her asthma.

President Reagan once said that communism was a disease, he called it insanity. How right he was! I hope Hong Kong can clear communist poisons as soon as possible.

Stand with Hong Kong!


Source: InmediaHK

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Nov. 10, 2019