Tencent Sports interrupted Nov. 9 NBA Live Broadcast Due To Heavy Censorship.

Nov. 9, Beijing

On Nov. 9, Beijing, Tencent Sports suddenly interrupted the live broadcast of NBA Heat vs. Lakers Game, and switched to Blazers vs. Nets. A scrolling text indicated the reason as “the live broadcast medium did not meet the standards.”


It was the 3rd quarter of the game. About 20 million Chinese viewers were watching it online. This led to heated discussion and became a trending hashtag.

According to media observation and discussions under VIP Weibo accounts, the real reason for the interruption was because an audience sitting at a courtside seat was wearing clothes with a Flag of the Republic of China image. He located on the right side facing the camera, which made it hard for Tencent to edit the broadcast and eliminate his image. His outfit made Beijing nervous about the “Taiwan Issue” and cut off the show.

It reminds the public of the uneasiness caused by a tweet from an NBA manager a few weeks ago. It again proves CCP’s heavy censorship and manipulation of the public opinion.

Author: Fan.

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