Fight for Truth, Fight for Freedom

As a participant of “Go to Work With you 2.0”, Mr. Wu said “The police enforcement is very unjust, and the Press Conference is used as a tactic to justify their wrong doings. I want to keep fighting in a peaceful way”. Wu also doubted if the police follow regulations on firing tear gas. “The purpose of deploying tear gas is to disperse protestors, but I have seen them aiming at the citizens. It seems like they are taking revenge personally and I can feel their hatred towards protestors”.

Wu appreciated that Link REIT has revealed the CCTV footage relating to the fall of the university student. “Other footage, such as dash camera video, revealed that the story is different from what the police has said. There are still too many questions about this case and too little evidence. I just hope he* can get better”. Wu also emphasised, the problem does not just lie on the corrupted police, but also the government.”

*The student passed away later in the same morning.

Source: Apple Daily


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Nov. 10, 2019