What is the CCP going to do next in Hong Kong?


What is the CCP going to do next in Hong Kong? (4 Nov 2019)

In the past 48 hours, Carrie Lam visited Shanghai and Beijing meeting the US and Hong Kong VVIPs who were summoned by Wang Qishan, the actual top commander, to resolve Hong Kong protests. Lam’s purpose was to persuade these VVIPs to back off or even support the forthcoming massacre in Hong Kong in exchange for the protections of their financial interests, their personal and families safety. By these meetings, Lam finalised the preparation to enforce martial law.

Weeks of bloodshed terrors, characterised by police’s detentions, thugs’ attacks, fake arsons and suicides, were worse than martial law. Yet they were only the rehearsal of the CCP’s systematic repression. What is unfolding next will be even more barbaric.

The government will exert full monetary control. All outbound money transfers will be restricted. The CCP has been artificially manipulating all essential market data and the HK stock exchange. All foreign transport and trade are subject to the government’s command.

While some detained youngsters are likely to be released, the CCP aims to make about 800 new arrests. All well-known pro-democracy activists will be charged and swiftly sentenced in the names of plotting violent crime, colluding with alien forces to overturn HK government, and collective revolt.

The CCP will put the legislative election under absolute control, or even eradicate the election altogether in the name of the emergency ordinance.

In Washington the CCP has manoeuvred various silent forces with increased payouts to lobby hard the Senate and White House to stop the passing of the Protect Hong Kong Act and the Hong Kong Act.

Nevertheless, Hong Kong people can be assured that thanks to their heroic and civil activities, and the CCP’s newly released block chain strategy, the US has realised that Hong Kong today is the US tomorrow. The US will stand with Hong Kong by taking relevant actions within a few weeks. Meanwhile, the financial and grain crises are about to erupt in mainland China. The CCP’s day is counting down.

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Editing by 【MIZ】


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Nov. 09, 2019