China’s Bystander Problem: boy killed in front of many onlookers

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A boy was killed in broad daylight in Changsha, China. The onlookers did not make any attempt to rescue him.

Qiqi was a good student in school

On Nov 5, a 9-year-old boy named Qiqi was stabbed to death by a stranger in his neighborhood. Two dozen onlookers watched the beating and stabbing until the killer was subdued by his own father.

People started to question the onlookers’ inaction in the wake of the tragedy accusing them to be cold-blooded. One witness said that he did not intervene because he mistook the killer as the boy’s father. A female neighbor called the police, but she was too scared to rescue the boy.

Yu Qiang, one of the male onlookers, justified his inaction: “On one hand, that boy was probably dead already. On the other hand, who will bear the consequences if we injure the killer while rescuing the boy?”

China has been plagued by bystander problems for decades. There were even national debates about it. But it is a norm to steer clear of others’ misfortunes. People do not help the injured in public place to avoid lawsuits.

Despite all the debates or soul-searching around this topic, it is obvious to every Chinese that the ruling communist party in China is the very source of this issue. As Mr. Yu indicated: there is no protection for people who are willing to help. There is no rule of law in China, so the news about bystanders getting into legal troubles turned people into “do-nothing” bystanders.

China had been known for its acient moral philosophy founded by Confucius thousands of years ago. But the communist party took away people’s religious freedom and shattered ethical values during the Cultural Revolution. The bystander problem is just one of the many moral issues created by the CCP.


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Nov. 09, 2019