People’s Daily Zhongsheng: Unity and Cooperation Is the Right Way

Source: People’s Daily   07/09/2020 16:20

Should we try our best to save lives or do our best to avoid responsibilities, should we unite and fight against the epidemic, or create chaos?  Certain politicians in the United States are obsessed with the reversal of axioms and righteousness, and their injustice and unethical nature are fully exposed.

Over the past few months, some US politicians have repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the World Health Organization. In the voice of global opposition, this new drama of ” withdrawal from WHO ” finally started. The United States officially notified the United Nations on July 6 that it will withdraw from the World Health Organization in July next year. The global epidemic of the coronavirous pneumonia is still spreading rapidly. The action of the United States is to run away from the enemy and stand on the opposite side of the global anti-epidemic cooperation. This kind of unreasonable and overbearing unilateralism is unacceptable.

It is obvious to all that some politicians in the United States have always used the WHO as a “scapegoat” in order to pass on domestic conflicts and shirk their responsibility to fight the epidemic. On April 14, the United States announced its suspension of payment of dues to WHO, which caused an uproar in the international community. UN Secretary General Guterres emphasized for the first time that the international community’s top priority is to unite and work to contain the coronavirus pneumonia and its devastating consequences. “WHO must be supported, which is absolutely critical to the global effort to overcome the corona virous pneumonia epidemic.” An American expert pointed out: “The epidemic disaster in the United States is not caused by the WHO, but the result of ignoring the agency’s warning.” The New York Times commentary article referred to the US move as a “dangerous attempt to find a scapegoat for its failure.”  “It’s like taking a truck from the fire department during a fire.” However, some politicians in the United States are still determined to go it alone. On May 18, 2020 the United States sent a letter to WHO, threatening the organization, and demanding it make “substantial improvements” within 30 days ; just 11 days later, the United States announced  that it would terminate its relationship with WHO. The American people shouted loudly: “If the government spends more time listening to the WHO than trying to eliminate it, then thousands of Americans will still be alive today.” Some politicians in the United States have turned a deaf to this and played a big part in egoistic strategy, ignoring the safety and health of the American people and global public health.

As an important platform for global public health cooperation, the WHO has played a key role in the early monitoring and early warning of infectious diseases, coordinated prevention and control strategies, shared diagnoses and treatment methods, and organized international assistance. Faced with the unexpected  coronavirous  pneumonia epidemic, the WHO launched a number of laboratories, established a global testing network, strengthened global diagnostic capabilities, improved monitoring and tracking of disease transmission, accelerated vaccine research and development, and continued to improve diagnoses and treatment measures.  It has been widely recognized and highly praised by the international community. In the face of this health challenge for all mankind, working together to overcome difficulties is not only a necessary condition for overcoming the epidemic, but also recognized as a moral obligation by the international community. The international community emphasizes “unity” and “reunite”, but some politicians in the United States staged actions such as “cut off supply “, “intimidating” and ” withdrawal from WHO. ” United Nations Foundation President Elizabeth Cousins ​​pointed out that WHO is the only international organization that can coordinate the global response to the corona virous pneumonia epidemic. The US withdrawal from the WHO is “short-sighted, unnecessary, and very dangerous.”

The virus knows no borders. As of the afternoon of July 7th, Eastern Time, the United States has reported more than 2.98 million confirmed cases and more than 130,000 deaths. In the past 24 hours, there have been nearly 60,000 newly confirmed cases and more than 1,000 deaths. The data shows that the number of new cases in many states in the western and southern United States continues to set new records, and the epidemic curve in the United States has rapidly increased again recently. Public opinion in the United States said that the government’s “blind optimism” is “nurturing the nightmare of the corona virous of America”, and the attack on WHO will eventually hurt the United States. Many US health experts worry that such short-sighted behavior by the US will not only interfere with clinical trials that are critical to vaccine development, but also cause the United States to be insufficiently prepared for future pandemic diseases. In the face of the raging virus, should we save our lives or shirk our responsibilities, should we unite and fight against the epidemic, or create chaos? Anyone with a conscience can answer this multiple-choice question. Some politicians in the United States are obsessed with the reversal of axiom and righteousness, and their injustice and unethical nature are fully exposed.

Unity and cooperation are the right way. The World Health Organization has urged countries severely affected by the epidemic to “wake up” to face the reality and prevent and control the epidemic. This represents the international community’s hope that the United States can remain sober and rational and be able to effectively prevent and control the epidemic. It is a matter of urgency to build a solid line of defense that guarantees the safety and health of the people of all countries in the world. Only by advancing together and working together can we finally win this fight against major infectious diseases.


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