Breaking News: police are arresting members of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong

Pro-democracy Hong Kong lawmaker Chu Hoi Dick was arrested and six others were notified to be arrested including Raymond Chan, Lam Cheuk-ting, Gary Fan, Kwok Ka-ki and Leung Yiu-chung, and Au Nok-Hin on the charges of obstructing the Extradition Bill committee meeting on May 11. The same bill triggered months of protests in Hong Kong.

According to Chu Hoi Dick’s message on his Facebook page, the timing of the arrest is to delay the upcoming District Council elections scheduled to be held on November 24 and to further enrage the Hong Kong people. He asked Hongkongers to respond with calmness and prepare for the worst-case. Carrie Lam might cancel the District Council electrons.

“Compared with the friends who fight on the streets, the contributions of the legislative council members are negligible. Therefore, we must fulfill our duties and try our best to speak for the people of Hong Kong and regain the future of Hong Kong.” — Chu Hoi Dick

Chu Hoi Dick

Chu Hoi Dick’s arrest was announced on his Facebook Page on Nov 8.


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Nov. 08, 2019